Full implementation of the main responsibility for enterprise safety in production

  Full implementation of the main responsibility for enterprise safety in production
- Ministry of housing, urban and rural development, "production safety month" activities;
In June this year, China's sixteenth "safe production month"". In accordance with the "Office of the State Security Committee on the 2017 national safety month and" safety miles "activities of the notice" of the unified deployment, the Ministry of housing and Urban Construction recently issued a notice requiring the national housing and urban construction system to carry out Safety Month activities to fully implement the safety responsibility of enterprises "as the theme of".
"Three go deep" to publicize the knowledge of safety in production
To ensure that the campaign is effective, local housing and urban construction departments will carry out a wide range of flexible and diverse, rich in content, according to the production safety publicity and strong activity, good focus of the organization to carry out the implementation of safety responsibility on propaganda, engineering quality and safety improvement actions, publicize and implement the "6 - 16" national production safety publicity and consultation, production safety the accident warning education activities. In the enterprise, go to the site, the front line, and vigorously promote safety knowledge, promote the development of the concept of security, promote the production of red safety awareness and sense of responsibility in primary air plant.
At the same time, make full use of newspapers, magazines, television, Internet and other news media, give full play to WeChat, micro-blog, news client and other new media, to the public widely reported activities, and vigorously promote the work of production safety of the construction of advanced models, focused on the exposure of a number of illegal cases, and actively guide the public attention, support and supervision of construction the construction safety production work.
Pay close attention to training and improve the safety quality of all staff
In the activities, the competent departments of housing and urban rural construction will carry out safety education and training for construction professionals, and strive to improve the quality of training and improve the safety quality of the whole industry.
To strengthen the building construction enterprise is mainly responsible for the project person in charge, full-time safety management personnel and special operations personnel construction safety regulations and skills training, to carry out special training for project safety management, dangerous and special program preparation and demonstration and other key content, improve the ability of enterprises in key posts according to the law of accountability.
Strict implementation of the safety education system for migrant workers, and actively implement experiential security education and other new ways to enhance the necessary security awareness and ability.
Increase the construction safety supervision staff training and education, the formation of standardized training mechanism, and constantly strengthen the building construction safety supervision team cohesion and combat effectiveness, improve the level of administration according to law.
Strengthen supervision and implement the main responsibility of enterprises
As requested, the departments responsible for the construction of housing and urban rural areas will take the "production safety month" as an opportunity to further promote the construction safety supervision and law enforcement, and fully implement the main responsibility for enterprise safety in production.
Urge the construction enterprises to establish and perfect the responsibility system for safety production, and implement the responsibility of safety production to each project, every staff and every post.
Carry out the construction safety special rectification, with high formwork, deep foundation pit, construction hoisting machinery and other hazardous project as the focus, to carry out a comprehensive investigation and management of security risks, strengthen preventive measures, strengthening security risk management and control, and effectively prevent the occurrence of construction production safety accidents. For illegal production safety, adhere to zero tolerance, heavy punishment, once found, resolutely investigated and dealt with according to law.
And information standardization and actively promote the construction of the safety supervision of law enforcement, the implementation of the "double random, a public law enforcement inspection, in order to regulate the efficient regulation and supervision of production safety responsibility to implement.
Combined with the actual implementation of various projects introduced
Since June 2002, China has been carrying out the "safety production month" for 15 consecutive years, this year is sixteenth years. According to the Ministry of housing and urban construction requirements, all with their own actual situation, have formulated implementation plan, through a series of safety publicity, safety culture, safety training activities, to stick to the red line consciousness, promote the safe development and popularization of safety knowledge, improve the safety quality.
Reporters from the programme of activities in Jiangsu Province recently announced that the province will carry out the implementation of the main responsibility for production safety on-site observation activities through on-site observation, construction and other key industries demonstration enterprises, promote the advanced practice; carry out reform, then talk about responsibility, safety "preaching themes into the activities of enterprises, encourage enterprises to establish a whole the process of production safety and occupation health management system, promote the safety responsibility, investment, training, management and emergency rescue" five in place "; carry out the" 6 - 16 "enterprises the main responsibility for production safety publicity and consultation activities; carry out between life and death production safety accident warning education activities to carry out the" talk; shoulder responsibility, mindful of safety. "A series of safety culture activities; to carry out" safety first "interview activities; to carry out emergency plan exercises.
Henan city in Zhengzhou province will be in the "safety month" held a production safety accident warning education week, safety emergency preparedness training week, safety culture week and safety publicity and consultation activities, and organize the production safety and production safety "competitions for Central Plains" and other series of activities. From "China Construction daily"

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