The construction industry development plan released "13th Five-Year"

  The construction industry development plan released "13th Five-Year"
In May 4th, the Ministry of housing and Urban Construction announced "the development of the construction industry" 13th Five-Year "plan" on its website, clearly put forward six development goals, nine major tasks, the total output value of national construction industry average annual growth of 7%.
"The development of the construction industry" 13th Five-Year "plan" to implement the "construction policy application, economy, green, beautiful" as the goal, to promote the construction industry supply side structural reform as the main line, in order to promote the modernization of the construction industry as the starting point, in order to ensure the engineering quality and safety as the core, to optimize the environment for the protection of the construction market, to promote the construction of the way of innovation, deepen regulatory reform, efforts to enhance the core competitiveness of construction enterprises, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the construction industry.
"The development of the construction industry" 13th Five-Year "plan" to uphold the scientific development, deepen reform, adhere to four basic principles of quality safety oriented, adhere to co-ordinate domestic and international two markets, in accordance with the requirements of urban and rural housing construction "in 13th Five-Year" plan goals, six goals of development clearly in the next five years in the construction industry:
Market scale target
In order to complete the total investment in fixed assets construction tasks as the basis, the total output value of national construction industry with an average annual growth rate of 7%, the added value of the construction industry with an average annual growth rate of 5.5%; National Engineering Survey and design enterprises operating income of the average annual growth of 7%; engineering consulting services company operating income of the project supervision, cost consulting, bidding agent, an average annual growth rate of 8%; the national construction enterprises project contracting turnover is the average annual growth of 6%, pillar position to further consolidate the construction industry in the national economy.
Target of industrial structure adjustment
Promote large-scale enterprises to do better and stronger, forming a batch of development, construction, integration, the whole process of engineering consulting services, general contracting as the main business, technology management leading enterprises. Vigorously develop professional construction, and promote the rapid development of professional contractors based on specific products, technologies, technologies, types of work and equipment. Promote the spirit of craftsmen and cultivate high quality construction workers. By 2020, the number of construction workers with intermediate technical level above the construction level reached 83 million. To strengthen business innovation, constantly promote "Internet plus" for the characteristics of the new building and contracting services enterprises.
Technological progress target
We will maintain international leading position in such fields as super high-rise buildings, high-speed railways, highways, large mass dams, ultra long distance offshore bridges and nuclear power plants. Increase the intensity of information technology, the application of BIM technology increased the number of new projects. Class a engineering survey and design enterprises, more than one level of construction contracting enterprises technical research and development investment accounted for the proportion of business revenue, in the "12th Five-Year" at the end of the basis of 1 percentage points.
Building energy saving and green building development goals
All the new civil buildings in the city have met the energy conservation standards, and the energy efficiency level has been raised by 20% compared with 2015. By 2020, urban green buildings accounted for 50% of the proportion of new buildings, the new renovation of the finished residential area reached 30%, green building materials application ratio of 40%. The gross floor area accounts for 15% of the new construction area.
Construction market supervision objective
Speed up the revision of construction law and other laws and regulations, and further improve the construction market laws and regulations system. The project cost management system of engineering guarantee and insurance system, and adapt to the market economy basically established, the construction market access system more scientific, unified and open, fair and orderly construction market rules and the formation of pattern. National construction workers training, skills identification, professional identity identification, information management system is basically perfect. Market parties, the main behavior of the basic norms, the construction market order improved significantly.
Quality and safety supervision objective
The quality and safety regulations and systems of construction projects have been further improved, the quality and safety supervision mechanism has been further improved, the quality level of the project has been comprehensively improved, and the quality of key state projects has been maintained at an advanced international level. The situation of building safety production has been steadily improved, and the ability of building disaster resistance has been steadily improved. The standardization reform of engineering construction has achieved phased results.
Around the development goal, the plan has proposed nine main tasks - -
First, deepen the reform of the construction system and mechanism. The reform will carry out the supervision system, adjust and optimize the industrial structure, and improve the development quality of the engineering consulting service industry.
Two is to promote the modernization of the construction industry. Promote intelligent and assembly building, strengthen technical standards, lead the role of security, and strengthen key technology research and development support.
Three is to promote the building energy efficiency and green building development. Improve the level of building energy efficiency, and promote energy-efficient building technology, promote large-scale development of green building, improve supervision and management mechanism.
Four is to develop the construction industry workers team. To promote the organization and specialization of workers, improve the skills training and appraisal system, and improve the rights and interests protection mechanism.
Five is to deepen the construction of "pipe discharge clothing" reform. Improve the construction market access system, improve the construction cost management system, and promote the construction of the unified market opening, accelerate the construction of credibility system.
Six is to improve the quality and safety level of the project. Strict implementation of the project quality and safety responsibility, and comprehensively improve the quality supervision level, strengthen the construction safety supervision, and promote the standardization of construction.
Seven is to promote the transformation and upgrading of construction enterprises. Deepen the reform of enterprise property rights system, vigorously reduce the burden on enterprises, and enhance the ability of independent innovation.
Eight is to actively explore the international market. Increase market development, improve risk prevention and control capabilities, and strengthen policy support.
Nine is to play the industry organization services and self

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