Two sessions of the grand opening of the construction industry reform wind

   Two sessions of the grand opening of the construction industry reform wind
March 5th, the opening of the five session of the twelve National People's congress. In his 2017 government work report, Premier Li Keqiang summed up the achievements of 2016 and deployed a new year's task, including the development of the construction industry. The report shows that in the past year, the construction industry has made considerable progress; in the new year, the country will be more detailed in the field of construction deployment, coverage will be wider, the pace of construction reform is more stable.
Deepening the reform and development of the construction industry
Improve design level and engineering quality
In this year's government work report, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to promote the reform and development of the construction industry and raise the design level and quality of the project.
Deepening the reform of the construction industry has been a matter of great concern to the government in recent years. This year, the national NPC and CPPCC held on the eve of the general office of the State Council issued "on promoting the sustained and healthy development of the construction industry views" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), from the construction industry to deepen decentralization reform, improve construction organization mode, strengthen the engineering quality and safety management, optimization of construction market environment, improve the quality of employees, promote the construction industry modernization, accelerate the construction of enterprises to "go out" put forward 20 measures seven aspects, has important significance for the construction industry to promote the sustained and healthy development.
Said the Vice Minister of the Ministry of housing in the easy interpretation of "opinions", the construction industry is a pillar industry of China's national economy, after 30 years of reform and development, the construction industry construction ability strengthens constantly expanding industry. In 2016, the total output value of China's construction industry reached 19 trillion and 350 billion yuan, accounting for 6.66% of gdp.
He also pointed out that the construction industry is still big but not strong, supervision system is not perfect, the construction organization behind the architectural design level need to be improved, the quality and safety accidents have occurred, the market of illegal behavior are the core competitiveness of enterprises is not strong, the low quality of workers skills problem is more prominent, which has seriously hampered the construction industry sustained and healthy development.
This year's government work report proposed that we should promote the reform and development of the construction industry, with particular emphasis on improving the design level and quality of the project, which pointed out the direction for the construction industry in 2017.
Promoting new urbanization construction
Play the leading role of urban agglomeration radiation
Urbanization in recent years has been mentioned in the government work report, this year is no exception, Premier Li Keqiang once again will "push forward the new urbanization" into the government work report. He pointed out that in 2017, we should support the development of small and medium-sized cities and characteristic towns, and promote a batch of counties and towns with orderly conditions, so as to play the leading role of the urban agglomeration.
Prime minister in the government work report also said, to optimize the pattern of regional development. We should make overall efforts to promote the development of the "three major strategies" and the "four major plates", implement relevant plans, and study and formulate new measures.
From January this year, the national development and Reform Commission in more than a month of continuous release planning document of the Central Plains city group, the development of the western region, the northern Gulf city group radiation land more than 2/3 of the area, promoting the construction, especially the construction of city infrastructure, railways, highways, airports, rail and other transportation projects launched a large number of. In addition, features, small towns, traditional villages, green farms and other projects, is also an important content of new urbanization.
In order to promote regional coordinated development, put forward the implementation of national space look far ahead from a high plane overlapping "The Belt and Road" construction, the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Economic Zone three strategies, supplemented by large and medium-sized city and small town rational distribution and coordinated development of the "two vertical and three horizontal" city group strategy, trying to implement through the linkage of three the grand strategy, promote the coordinated development of the country, inside and outside the joint development and "The Belt and Road along the country's.
The future, the state will continue to promote the city group strategy, promote the small and medium-sized city and small town and reasonable division of labor, complementary functions, collaborative development, and constantly create space for intensive production of efficient, livable modest living space, ecological space features picturesque scenery city.
To co-ordinate urban and underground construction
Build more than 2000 kilometers of underground comprehensive pipe corridor
2017, Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report once again proposed that this year, to co-ordinate urban construction on the ground and underground, and then start construction of urban underground integrated pipe corridor more than 2000 kilometers.
Ministry of housing statistics show that as of December 20, 2016, 147 cities, 28 counties have started construction of urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery 2005 kilometers, fully completed the annual target tasks.
It is understood that last year, on the construction of underground pipe corridor related documents, the state has promulgated several. In January 22, 2016, the Ministry of housing issued a "comprehensive pipe gallery City National Building Standard Design System"; in March 24th, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of housing issued "performance evaluation of network city special funds Interim Measures"; in May 26th, the Ministry of housing, the National Energy Board issued a "promote the power line into the city underground pipe gallery views"; August 16th. The Ministry of housing has issued the "notice on improving the city drainage ability to promote the city underground pipe gallery construction"......
In order to co-ordinate the planning, construction and management of various types of underground pipelines in urban areas, and solve the problems of repeated excavation of roads, overhead lines, dense networks and frequent accidents in pipelines, the central government has explicitly urged the construction of underground comprehensive pipe corridors.

At present, a number of provinces and municipalities have taken the initiative to introduce relevant planning to accelerate the construction of underground comprehensive pipe gallery. The first batch of design, construction, management and construction of comprehensive pipe corridors in Shaanxi