Ministry of housing, pushing assembly building will be accounted for 30%

  Ministry of housing, pushing assembly building will be accounted for 30%
In order to implement the spirit of the central urban work conference, exchange experience in learning Shanghai and other places, and comprehensively promote the development of assembly type buildings. In November 19, 2016, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development held a national assembly site meeting in Shanghai. Secretary of the Party committee and Minister Chen Zhenggao of the Ministry of housing and urban construction attended the meeting and delivered speeches.
Chen Zhenggao pointed out that the assembly type building is a major change in the mode of construction, we should fully understand the significance of the development of assembly type architecture. First, the need to implement the concept of green development. Two is to realize the need of modernization of architecture. Three is to ensure the quality of the project needs. Four is to shorten the construction cycle needs. Five, it is possible to give birth to new industries and related services.
Chen Zhenggao stressed that the development of prefabricated buildings now has a good foundation and three advantages. First, we have the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, and the institutional advantages of concentrating on major issues. The two is that we can absorb, digest and utilize the successful experience of other countries. Three is a number of regions, some enterprises, some design units have tried first, accumulated experience.
Chen Zhenggao pointed out that we should have a profound understanding of the essence of the experience of building prefabricated buildings in Shanghai and other places. First, we must have a vision of the world, and we should be deeply aware that the development of prefabricated buildings is of great significance to the improvement of urban modernization and the promotion of economic and social development. The two is determination and boldness of vision, which is the key to the development of an assembly building. Three, we must co-ordinate the planning, systematic promotion, which is an important guarantee for the development of prefabricated buildings. Four, the city leaders are close to each other, which is the basis of Shanghai's experience.
Chen Zhenggao requested that the next step should focus on seven tasks, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in the development of modular architecture.
One is full with mounting type building key development objectives and tasks. In 10 years or so, the proportion of prefabricated buildings to new construction area is 30%. Two is the overall formation of technical standards for assembly building. It is necessary to speed up the formation of a standard system for a whole set of matched buildings, and to speed up the formulation of the technical specifications of the three major structural systems of fabricated concrete structures, steel structures and modern wood structures. Three is to increase the basic industry construction. All localities should combine the local conditions and the development of the surrounding areas to speed up the cultivation of leading enterprises and industrial chain key enterprises integrating design, production and construction. Four is to build a new workforce. Assembly building from design, production to construction, assembly, the construction of the past is a fundamental change, starting from the design, starting from the factory production, from the field of assembly, grab, build a new team. Five is to further increase policy support. Localities should implement the preferential policies related to the assembly parts and components manufacturing enterprises. Encourage all localities in the financial, financial, taxation, planning, land and other support policies and measures introduced to guide and support social capital into assembly buildings. Six is to promote the construction industry management system, mechanism innovation. In order to adapt to the development of the assembly type building, the management system reform should be carried out in the aspects of survey and design, production of parts, engineering cost, bid invitation and bidding, construction organization and quality supervision. Vigorously implement the general contracting, and realize the unified management and deep integration of engineering design, production, construction and purchase of parts. Seven is the housing sector in the development of assembly type building to make a difference. The development of prefabricated building responsibility, housing construction sector at all levels should firmly establish political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of the core line, resolute, firm and indomitable, the assembly building to rewrite the architectural history, architectural history of catch up, catch in the end, to produce a satisfactory answer to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and the national people. (source: Caixin)

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