Nanjing issued a "13th Five-Year" plan of high energy consumption and backward production capacity of the project for the prohibition of the development of circular economy

  Nanjing issued a "13th Five-Year" plan of high energy consumption and backward production capacity of the project for the prohibition of the development of circular economy
Nanjing City, "13th Five-Year" circular economy development plan "(hereinafter referred to as the" plan ") officially announced the day before. The plan gives detailed rules for the development of land resources, the recycling system of reclaimed resources, the green procurement of government, and the establishment of sponge cities and other key fields involving circular economy.
"Planning" proposed, "13th Five-Year" period, Jiangbei District will become the city's circular economy demonstration area. Infrastructure construction, new construction of Jiangbei District core city full implementation of energy-saving 65% of the design standards, construction of new towns all reached the standards for green building a star, 35% Star green building standards reached above. In the overall planning on the intensive use of the waterfront resources of the Yangtze River, to further expand the strict control of shoreline utilization, and strive to "13th Five-Year" during the use of the shoreline is controlled within 50%, ecological protection and landscape shoreline in more than 1/3. In the construction of circular economy industrial system, the electricity, petrochemical, steel and other high water industry as the focus, the implementation of water-saving technological transformation project, by 2020, 10000 yuan industrial value-added water consumption reduced to 13 cubic meters.
Building a perfect system of resources and energy conservation and utilization is the key to the development of circular economy in Nanjing. "Planning" clearly pointed out that the new construction land priority for encouraging emerging industries projects, the prohibition of high energy consumption, high pollution, backward production capacity projects and projects that do not meet the industrial policy for the land. At the same time, built relates to the recovery of garbage, construction waste, renewable resources utilization system, establish and improve the construction waste recycling and comprehensive utilization of facilities in the urban areas, the formation of "point line plane + +" the comprehensive construction waste classification and layout. In the manufacturing field, the establishment of remanufacturing recycling system, encourage and support the establishment of auto 4S shop, special maintenance site as the main channel, recycling, dismantling enterprises to supplement the auto parts recycling system.
In policy guidance, Nanjing will implement the government green procurement. Products produced by recycled materials, products that have been certified through environmental signs, products approved through cleaner production audits or products made by ISO14000 certified enterprises are included in the government's priority procurement plan.
Sponge city construction is an important embodiment of circular economy service for social and economic development. The "planning" of Nanjing City Construction Engineering sponge also gives specific targets in the "13th Five-Year" period, to adopt a comprehensive permeability, hysteresis, storage, net, and other measures, local consumption and utilization of rainfall is not less than 70%, and gradually realize the rain is not water, the rain water and waterlogging, not black odor the heat island effect with ease. By 2020, more than 20% of the urban built-up area will meet the target requirements. (source: Shi Enterprise Association Network)

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