Ministry of housing: vigorously develop the assembly type construction, improve the standard and standard system

  Ministry of housing: vigorously develop the assembly type construction, improve the standard and standard system
Said the Ministry of housing and Urban Rural Construction chief engineer Chen Yiming introduced the "guidance" on the development of prefabricated construction related content, the guidance proposed eight tasks: standard system, design, construction, Department of parts production, decoration, engineering general contracting, promotion green building materials, is to ensure the engineering quality.
The Information Office of the State Council held a regular briefing on the policies of the State Council, and Chen Yiming, chief engineer of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, introduced the development of the assembly type construction and answered the reporters' questions.
Chen Yiming introduced, "on the development of prefabricated building guidance," the main provisions of the eight tasks:
First, improve the standard and standard system. We will speed up the compilation of national standards, industry standards and local standards for fabricated buildings. Gradually establish and perfect the assembly design, production, construction and maintenance of the entire process of assembly building standards and specifications system.
Two is the innovative assembly type architectural design. To co-ordinate the building structure, mechanical and electrical equipment, parts, assembly, construction, decoration, and promote the integrated design of assembly building. Actively apply architectural information model technology to improve the ability of collaborative design in various fields of architecture.
Three is to optimize the production of parts. Guide the rational distribution of the production enterprises in the construction industry, improve the industrial agglomeration, and cultivate a number of backbone enterprises and production bases with advanced technology, specialized matching and management standards.
In this particular emphasis should be placed on the two problems to be solved in the production of parts. The production enterprises of parts and components, we should guide them to a reasonable layout, because there is a production scale problem, as well as the supply radius of the problem, the radius is reasonable, for reducing costs, to improve production efficiency is good.
Four is to enhance the assembly type construction level. To guide enterprises to develop and apply technologies, equipment and equipment that are suitable for assembly construction, and to improve the quality of assembly and quality of the parts and the overall safety performance of the building.
Five is to promote the entire renovation of the building. The implementation of assembly type architectural decoration and the main structure, mechanical and electrical equipment coordination construction. Actively promote standardized, integrated and modular decoration model to improve the level of assembly decoration.
Six is to promote green building materials. Increasing the proportion of green building materials in assembly buildings. Popularization and application of high performance energy-saving doors and windows. Compulsory elimination of building materials that do not meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection and poor quality performance.
Seven is the implementation of general contracting. The general contracting mode should be adopted in the assembly type construction. Support large-scale design, construction and production of parts and components enterprises to the general contracting enterprise transformation.
Eight is to ensure the quality and safety of the project. We will improve the quality and safety management system for fabricated construction projects, improve the quality and safety responsibility system, and implement the quality and safety responsibilities of all parties concerned. Establish the whole process quality traceability system. (source: Shi Enterprise Association Network)

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