Five key points for safety production in 2018 determined by Ministry of housing and urban rural development

The Ministry of housing and urban and rural construction recently issued the "key points for safety production in 2018", which requires effective prevention and resolute containment of major accidents, strict prevention and control of major accidents, the reduction of total accidents, and the stability and improvement of the safety production situation in the urban and rural construction system.
The main points of the work have been determined in the five major work points of the field of safety production this year, requiring the competent departments and relevant units at all levels to carry out special management action on construction safety, strengthen the safety management of municipal public facilities, strengthen the safety management of urban housing, strengthen the management of the quality and safety of rural housing construction, and strengthen the city. Management and supervision of the city.
In carrying out special management action of building construction safety, enterprises should supervise and urge enterprises to establish and improve safety management system for dangerous projects, carry out comprehensive safety investigation and renovation of dangerous projects, deploy special inspection of urban rail traffic engineering, and strengthen the investigation of accident liability, and take serious accountability as the grasp to promote safety production. The system of rechecking the conditions for safety production of the construction enterprises of the accident is implemented, and the penalties for the enterprises responsible for accidents are strictly enforced, such as order to stop the rectification, reduce the grade of qualification or revoke the certificate of qualification.
In order to strengthen the operation safety management of municipal public utilities, we should strengthen the safety management of urban gas, strengthen the risk investigation and hidden trouble management of urban water supply, heat supply, road and bridge, garbage disposal, and strengthen the management of landscaping and scenic spots.
In strengthening the safety management of urban housing, we should urge the construction units to improve the quality of the construction of the common property, strictly implement the principles and procedures for the inspection of the property, and effectively solve the problems of the old and old residential safety problems and ensure the safety of the residents.
The main points of the work are to promote the transformation of rural critical houses, with the relevant departments to support the reform of the critical houses, such as the key objects of the 1 million 900 thousand households, and to carry out the strengthening and reconstruction of the Rural Crisis housing in the light of local conditions.
According to the main points of work, we will strengthen routine inspections of city management. In view of the characteristics of urban management, such as many points, long lines and wide coverage, we should strengthen daily inspections, strengthen community safety publicity and enhance citizens' safety awareness. We should increase the frequency of inspections for places where people are crowded and problems are frequent, and take effective measures to eliminate potential safety hazards. (excerpt from China Construction newspaper)

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