The assembly building evaluation standard shall be implemented in February. The assembly rate should not be less than 50%.

The Ministry of housing and urban construction has issued a notice issued by the Ministry of urban and rural construction, and approved the assembly building evaluation standard (hereinafter referred to as the "assembly standard") as the national standard, which has been implemented since February 1, 2018. The original national standard "evaluation criteria for industrialized buildings" is repealed at the same time.
According to the introduction, the assembly architecture represents a new round of the scientific and technological revolution of the construction industry and the direction of the industrial transformation, which is not only a major change in the transformation and construction of the traditional construction industry, but also an important measure to promote the structural reform of the supply side, and also a strong support for the new type of urbanization. In recent years, in the process of exploring and developing the assembly building in China, some difficult problems to be solved are encountered in the support of the top layer design of technical specifications and standards. This makes our country's relevant standards still far from the advanced standards of international sustainable development.
In order to promote the development of assembly architecture and standardize the evaluation of assembly style building, according to the request of the standard quota division of the Ministry of housing and rural construction "on the revision of the evaluation standard for industrial buildings", the center for science and technology and industrialization development of the Ministry of housing and rural construction (Housing Industrialization Promotion Center) will be carried out with the relevant units. The establishment of assembly standard. The compiling group has carried out extensive investigation and research, carefully analyzed the implementation of the standard for evaluation of industrial buildings, summed up the practical experience, and carried out a number of thematic studies on the basis of relevant national and advanced foreign standards, and compiled the assembly standard on the basis of extensive consultation.
The 3 standards of "assembly type standard" and "assembly type concrete building technical standard", "assembly type steel structure building technical standard" and "assembly type wood structure building technical standard", which were organized by the Ministry of housing and urban construction in June 1, 2017, will effectively play the leading role in promoting the assembly building health of our country. Kang fast and continuous development.
The assembly standard mainly includes 5 parts: General rules, terminology, basic regulations, assembly rate calculation and evaluation grade division. It is suitable for evaluating the degree of assembly of civil buildings. The assembly standard uses assembly rate to evaluate the degree of assembly of buildings.
According to assembly standards, assembly rate calculation and assembly grade evaluation should be used as a calculation and evaluation unit of a single building and in conformity with the following provisions: the single building should be confirmed by the building number of the project planning approval document; when the building is composed of the main building and the podium, the main building and the podium can be planned in a different single building. Calculation and evaluation; the number of floors of a single building is not more than 3 layers and the floor area of the ground is not more than 500 square meters. The building group can be composed of multiple single buildings as a calculation and evaluation unit.
The evaluation of assembly building should be in accordance with the following provisions: the design stage should be pre evaluated, and the assembly rate should be calculated according to the design documents; the project evaluation should be carried out after the completion of the project completion acceptance and according to the completion acceptance data to calculate the assembly rate and determine the evaluation grade.
The assembly building should meet the following requirements at the same time: the evaluation value of the part of the main structure is not less than 20; the evaluation value of the retaining wall and the inner partition is not less than 10; the full decoration is adopted; the assembly rate is not less than 50%.
In addition, the "assembly standard" is also clear that assembly buildings should be assembled and decorated.
According to the requirements, the assembly rate should be calculated according to the evaluation value of the participating evaluation items, that is, the actual score of the score of the project and the total score of the evaluation project is compared with the total score of the project, which includes the main body structure (50 points), the enclosure wall and the internal partition (20 points), the decoration and the equipment pipeline (30 points). (China Construction newspaper)

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