Group Chairman Yin Weidong rushed to Shandong to conduct research and guidance

Group Chairman Yin Weidong rushed to Shandong to conduct research and guidance

From April 11th to 12th, Chairman Yin Weidong and Vice President Song Hongliang of the group company rushed to Jinan, Zibo and other places in Shandong Province to conduct research and guidance. The chairman and his delegation successively visited the Fengshu (Jinan) International Food Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park project and the headquarters of Jinshun Branch, held discussions to listen to reports and conducted on-site inspections of the construction site. The chairman also invited experts from the second construction company to arrive at the Jinan project in advance for on-site technical guidance. After on-site inspection by the Fengshu project department, they requested to ensure quality and safety, and closely followed each construction node. Through scientific planning and early deployment, they accurately controlled the project progress, ensured the completion of construction tasks with high quality on schedule, and submitted a satisfactory answer sheet to the owner. The chairman communicated with the management personnel at the headquarters of Jinshun Branch and praised Jinshun Branch as a practitioner and disseminator of Qi'an Positive Energy. He encouraged Jinshun to continue to enhance its strengths, deeply cultivate its main business, improve its professionalism, progress and grow together with the group, and jointly achieve sustainable development goals. (Jinrun Branch, Jinshun Branch)



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Chairman Yin Weidong visited the representatives of retired employees

he Double Ninth Festival is full of enlightenment. On the eve of the Double Ninth Festival, Yin Weidong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group Company, came to visit the home of Zhou Jianzhong, a representative of retired employees over 80 years old, and sent blessings and care to the elderly. It is reported that this year, the group company appointed a trade union to visit a total of 16 retired workers and 2 disabled workers, the condolences of the old comrades have been grateful for the development of the company without forgetting the old workers, wishing the company to flourish and the cause to a higher level! (Office)