The group company holds a meeting of technical leaders

  The group company holds a meeting of technical leaders
  Chairman Yin Weidong emphasizes further improving project quality

  On September 26th to 27th,the group company held a meeting of technical leaders in the conference hall on the fourth floor of Qi'an Building.More than 60 people from the chief engineer's office,engineering technology department,technical center,regional companies,and branch technical leaders of the group company attended the meeting.Zhang Jian,Executive Vice President of the Group,delivered an opening speech,during which the spirit of the Group's mid year work meeting was promoted and relevant standards were interpreted.Relevant regions and subsidiaries had technical management exchanges and sharing.Yin Weidong,Chairman of the Group Company,delivered a speech at the meeting,emphasizing the promotion of Qi'an's resilient development through high-quality technology.
  Organizing a meeting of technical leaders is an institutional arrangement for quality management in Qi'an,and it is also an effective form of deepening the"Quality Month"activity and promoting the company's technological progress.Yin Weidong pointed out that in recent years,the group's technology has been advancing,engineering quality has been improving,and innovative achievements have been fruitful,making indispensable contributions to shaping the Qi'an brand.However,it should be objectively observed that we still have a general lack of emphasis on technical quality management,insufficient ability to summarize scientific and technological achievements,and insufficient overall construction contracting capacity.Therefore,it is necessary to strengthen the learning and mastery of new construction technologies,processes,and materials,especially in the fields of intelligence and assembly,and strive to win a broader market with professional management and technology.The chairman hopes that all technical leaders should not only focus on their technical responsibilities,but also become politically minded and positive Qi'an personnel.They should have a mind,awareness,and responsibility in overcoming difficulties,and work together to empower Qi'an's resilient development.
  The attendees also visited the"Hand in Hand"exhibition hall of the group and observed the real-time platform for mechanical and electrical installation and smart construction sites in Qi'an Building.(Group Chief Engineer Office)


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