Full moon to Mid Autumn Festival

Full Moon to Mid Autumn Festival (Chinese Festival, Mid Autumn Festival in Poetry)

  The Mid-Autumn Festival is on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month every year.It is the middle of autumn in the four seasons,so it is also called the Autumn Festival or the Mid Autumn Festival."The bright autumn sky is full in August",and the full moon symbolizes reunion.Therefore,the Mid-Autumn Festival is also called the reunion festival,which expresses the longing for hometown and relatives,and carries the hope for harvest and happiness.
  The Mid-Autumn Festival has a long history,and it has unique charm among many traditional festivals with far-reaching influence.
  Appreciating the Moon,Seeing the Bright Time from Ten Thousand Miles
  harvest moon
  Zhang Hu(Tang Dynasty)
  The clear autumn is the season of vegetarianism.
  Every good night in a year,every thousand miles see the bright hour.
  Journey to the wilderness takes a long time,but even later in the high city.
  There is no place in the human world where we cannot miss each other.
  The term"Mid Autumn Festival"appeared very early,and activities such as"Welcoming the Cold on Mid Autumn Night"and"Offering Good Furs"were included in the"Zhou Li".In the Tang Dynasty,reciting poetry and boating on moonlit nights gradually changed from a temporary trend of literati and refined scholars to a folk custom,with a focus on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month.At that time,activities related to the moon,such as watching the moon on stage,boating,and drinking alcohol,will be very popular.
  Many famous poems in Tang Dynasty are directly titled"Mid Autumn Festival"or"August 15th".In addition to Zhang Hu's poem"Mid Autumn Moon",there are also Liu Yuxi's poem"On the 15th day of the eighth month,playing with the moon",which states that"the sky will wash the earth and the moon tonight.After the heat recedes,the nine skies will be clear,and the autumn scenery will be clear."In Sikong Tu's"Mid Autumn Festival",there are also poems such as"If there is no moon on this night,a year will pass by empty autumn".
  The various activities of admiring the moon on autumn nights are also reflected in the works of later masters of painting.Qiu Ying's"Red Cliff Painting"of the Ming Dynasty depicts scenes of Su Shi and his friends boating to admire the moon and visiting the Red Cliff at night.With delicate brushstrokes,it blends a crisp autumn night with silver moonlight into a captivating painting.The book"Moon Man Qing You Tu"by Chen Mei of the Qing Dynasty,titled"Playing with the Moon on Qiongtai,"depicts the scene of the Qing Dynasty palace admiring the moon.
  Reunion,Thousand Miles of Chanjuan Together
  Shuidiao Songhead
  Su Shi(Song Dynasty)
  On the Mid Autumn Festival of the Bingchen Festival,I enjoyed drinking on the Great Day and became intoxicated.I wrote this article and also conceived my son.
  When does the bright moon appear?Ask the blue sky about the wine.I don't know the palace in the sky,what year is tonight.I want to ride the wind and return,but I am afraid of the jade buildings,which are too high to be cold.Dancing and playing with clear shadows,how does it seem to be in the world.
  Turn to Zhu Ge,low Qi households,shining without sleep.There should be no hatred,why do things always turn to other times?People have joys and sorrows,and the moon has its ups and downs,which is difficult to complete in ancient times.May life be long and we share the beauty of a thousand miles.
  The tradition of appreciating the moon and composing poetry and reciting the moon has a long history.In the Book of Songs,"Chen Feng·Moonlight"starts from the moon and depicts the beauty of lovesickness,vividly associating the brightness of the moon with the purity of love.
  A happy reunion is an important feature of the natural beauty of the moon and an important complex of traditional Chinese culture.The Mid Autumn Moon Festival has become an enduring style of poetry and poetry.The Mid Autumn Festival lyrics in"Shuidiao Ge Tou"are one of the representative chapters of Su Ci,and have always been recognized as the swan song of the Mid Autumn Festival lyrics.I wish everyone a long life and a thousand miles of happiness together.I send sincere wishes to all my departed loved ones in the world,adding a positive and energetic meaning to the entire poem.In the following two years,Su Shi wrote a poem titled"Three Poems for Sending Children on the Mid Autumn Festival",which states:"The four hearts of the children are leisurely,sharing a thousand miles of brightness."Those who wish for a long and beautiful life have expanded from family members to friends.
  Food Customs-Wanxiang as a Guest
  Niannujiao·Crossing Dongting
  Zhang Xiaoxiang(Song Dynasty)
  The grass in Dongting is green,approaching the Mid Autumn Festival,and there is not a trace of style.Yujian Qiong has a field of 30000 hectares,carrying a leaf in my boat.The moon shines brightly,the bright river shadows together,and both the surface and the interior are clear.A leisurely heart knows,but the beauty is difficult to tell you.
  Yingnian Ridge has been shining for years,with solitary light shining on its own,and its liver and gallbladder covered in ice and snow.Short hair is sparse and the sleeves are cold,stable and spacious.Suck in the Xijiang River,carefully weigh the Beidou,and treat Vientiane as a guest.I don't know what evening it is,as I whistle alone on my side.
  There are many folk activities in Mid-Autumn Festival,the most common of which is to enjoy the moon and moon cakes together.In northeast China,people often call Mid-Autumn Festival"August Festival".On this day,people who are far away from home should try to get back home and reunite with their families.In Nanjing,Jiangsu,people choose to climb the Moon Tower with their families and play on the Moon Bridge;In Hangzhou,Zhejiang,the West Lake and surrounding mountains are excellent places for people to admire,with stunning scenery such as the"Autumn Moon on Pinghu Lake"and the"Three Ponds Printing the Moon".
  Some paintings also depict the beautiful moments of Mid Autumn Festival.Ma Yuan of the Southern Song Dynasty's"The Picture of Holding a Cup under the Moon"outlines a beautiful scene of family and friends gathering during the Mid Autumn Festival:the full moon is in the sky,the wind is blowing through bamboo,the music is curling up,the wine is in the cup,and family and friends are drinking together.Wen Zhengming of the Ming Dynasty's"The Painting of Walking on the Moon in the Atrium"is a representative work depicting interviews with literati on a moonlit night.It depicts an elegant gathering of painters and visitors enjoying the moon in the autumn courtyard after being intoxicated.The quiet and bright moonlight,carrying infinite emotions,appears on the screen.
  Just like eating rice dumpling on the Yuanxiao(Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival)Festival and Zongzi on the Dragon Boat Festival,eating moon cakes on the Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional custom among Chinese people.Since ancient times,people have regarded mooncakes as a symbol of auspiciousness and reunion.There were numerous records of mooncakes in the Ming Dynasty.After the Ming Dynasty,as a seasonal food,mooncakes were constantly enriched in terms of ingredients,flavors,and styles.Even the tool for making mooncakes-mooncake molds-evolved into folk crafts of different styles and schools.
  Philosophy:This month once shone upon the ancients
  Ask the Moon about the Wine
  Li Bai(Tang)
  When does the moon come in the blue sky?I'll stop drinking and ask.
  People cannot climb the bright moon,but the moon travels with them.
  As bright as a flying mirror,facing the Danque,the green smoke extinguishes and sends out a clear glow.
  But seeing the night coming from the sea,would you rather know where to go to the clouds?
  Who is the neighbor of Chang'e,who lives alone with the white rabbit pounding medicine in autumn and returning to spring?
  Today we do not see the ancient moon,but this moon once shone upon the ancients.
  In ancient times and modern times,people were like flowing water,seeing the bright moon together is like this.
  May the moonlight shine in the golden cup when singing and drinking.
  The moon has sparked countless poets'philosophical thoughts on life and the universe.Who on the riverbank first saw the moon?When did the moon shine on people?Life has been endless,and the moon is only similar year after year.I don't know who the moon is waiting for,but when I see the Yangtze River sending water."Zhang Ruoxu's"Spring River Flowers and Moonlight Night"compares and contemplates the eternity of the bright moon and the changes in life.Today,people do not see the ancient moon,but this moon once shone on the ancients.If ancient people were like flowing water,they could see the bright moon together."Li Bai's"Drinking and Asking the Moon"also lamented that the bright moon is long but life is short.Pity the moon this evening,where are you going?Is there another world where you can see the light and shadow to the east?"Xin Qiji's"Mulan Hua Man"uses the"Tian Wen"style to weave various myths and legends about the moon into a whole,and sends out interesting and thought-provoking questions to the moon.
  Nowadays,the lunar landing phase of China's manned lunar exploration project has been fully launched and implemented,and various research and construction work is being accelerated.According to the plan,China will achieve the first Chinese landing on the moon before 2030,and carry out scientific research and related technological experiments on the moon.For thousands of years,our imagination of going to the moon and landing on the moon is becoming a reality at hand,but the long tradition of imagining and appreciating nature will continue to accompany the Mid-Autumn Festival.People's Daily(September 29,2023,07 edition)
  Source:People's Daily

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