Safety Production Month | Grassroots units of the group work together to launch safety production month activities in multiple forms

Safety Production Month | Grassroots units of the group work together to launch safety production month activities in multiple forms
June of this year is the 22nd national "Safety Production Month". On the afternoon of May 31st, the group company held a grand launch ceremony for the safety production month activity in Qixi. Regional companies, branches, and project departments responded promptly and carried out various forms of safety production month launch ceremonies to implement safety responsibilities, promote safety development, and further create a good safety production atmosphere throughout the group.
On June 1st, a safety production month launch ceremony was held in the Shanghai region, where a series of activities including safety oath, safety knowledge competition, fire emergency drill, and high-altitude fall emergency rescue were held on-site; The Suzhou Regional Union Jinwei Branch has launched a safety production month mobilization oath for the Zhangjiagang Dow ZJG maintenance project, explaining the theme and key points of this year's safety production month to frontline employees, and requiring construction personnel to improve their personal safety awareness and truly possess the ability to "speak safety and emergency".
On that day, Jinshun Branch held a safety production month launch ceremony for the Urumqi Eighth People's Hospital project. Song Chunjue, the head of the branch, requested that employees further increase their emphasis on safety work and safety behavior, and be responsible for themselves, their families, and their enterprises; The headquarters of Jinshun Branch and four ongoing projects simultaneously carried out safety production month activities, and self filmed safety production promotional videos for frontline employees to watch and learn; The Beijing Regional United Hengli Branch held a safety month activity launch ceremony in the form of "online+offline" for the Yingkou Fosi Oil Project. The owner's representative was invited to participate and presented a 500000 safe working hours certificate and trophy to the project department.
On June 3rd, the Nanjing region held a safety production month education activity at the Nanjing Celanese project. The regional leader, Ma Jinshan, requested that all branches and project departments carry out safety month activities according to local conditions to promote a stable and positive regional safety production situation; The Guangdong Regional Union Jinkun Branch held a safety production month activity launch ceremony for the Siteshan Country Garden project. The regional leader, Gao Xiaoli, requested the project department in the region to closely follow the characteristics of the project engineering, carry out targeted activities, dare to take things seriously and not be superficial, to ensure the safety and controllability of each project.
On the morning of June 5th, the Chongqing Regional Union Maosheng International Engineering Branch held a launching ceremony for the 2023 "Safety Production Month" event at the Diageo project in Dali, Yunnan. PMG management company and project supervision unit respectively gave safety education speeches. The project manager led all employees present to take a call sign oath and solemnly sign it.
On the eve of the Safety Production Month, Jinyinhao Branch organized more than 500 frontline workers from the Qidong Diehu Primary School project department to carry out a "people-oriented care for life" free physical examination activity, fully understanding the physical condition of the workers and avoiding safety risks caused by diseases. (Office organization)


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