Multiple regional companies organize learning and promote the spirit of the group's mid year work conference

Multiple regional companies organize learning and promote the spirit of the group's mid year work conference
On August 29th, the Suzhou company held a mid year work meeting, with nearly 30 participants from the regional branch, project department heads, and key management personnel. At the meeting, the regional leader Shi Saisai gave a detailed interpretation of the Chairman's mid year work report, requiring all subsidiaries and project departments to fully understand the current situation, focus on clearing debts, risk prevention and control, and project management. At the same time, they should also strengthen their determination to work together with the group to help the group company achieve the goal of reducing risks and achieving stable development. During the exchange, business representatives from Suzhou, Wuxi, and Changzhou shared their operational management experiences from four aspects: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats through the "S.W.O.T" table analysis tool, adding impetus to achieving resilient development in difficult times. Shi Saisai expressed the hope that all colleagues will keep in mind the repeatedly mentioned "resilient development" in the chairman's report, do meticulous and meticulous daily work, and firmly believe and work together in the current situation to help the group company overcome difficulties and reach new milestones.
In late August, the Shanghai company visited key projects such as Shanghai Jiadingyun, Pinghu BASF, and Shanghai Fubao to promote and implement the spirit of the group's mid year work conference. The project management personnel were required to pay timely attention to and respond to the relevant policy requirements of the group and the government, further focus on project management, improve project control level, and build various risk prevention barriers. All project personnel have expressed their determination to implement the relevant requirements of the Chairman's mid year work report, fully do a good job in on-site safety, quality, real name system, and other aspects, control various risks, and lay a solid foundation for the group company to successfully complete the annual work goals.
On August 30th, Nanjing Company adopted a "offline+online" approach to organize various construction project departments in the region to learn and implement the spirit of the group's mid year work meeting. Regional leader Ma Jinshan conducted a thorough interpretation of the Chairman's mid year work report based on the actual situation of the Nanjing company, requiring each project department to deeply understand the spirit of the report, strengthen confidence, face difficulties, continuously consolidate basic management, strengthen risk prevention, and make contributions to the resilient development of the group company in the Nanjing region.
On August 31st, Nantong Company held a mid year work meeting in Qi'an Building, with a total of 50 main leaders from regional branches and ongoing project departments attending. The meeting learned from the report made by the chairman of the group at the mid year work meeting. The regional leader Cai Chuan, combined with the chairman's report, deployed the work for the second half of the year in the region, requiring the branch companies in the region to unify their thinking and understanding, share the same boat with the group, mobilize all staff to carry out debt clearing, actively prevent and control various risks, actively explore high-quality projects, actively establish the group's brand image, work together to build a concentric circle, Make more positive contributions to the sustainable development of the group. The meeting provided publicity and explanation for the relevant documents recently issued by the group, and provided guidance for the project department on how to create excellence and safety.
On September 2nd, Tianjin Company held a mid year work meeting in a "online+offline" manner, with the participation of key management personnel from regional subsidiaries and project departments. Regional leader Zhang Fenghua thoroughly interpreted the mid year work report made by the chairman, summarized the work in the first half of the year in Tianjin, and deployed the key work in the next stage

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