Pursuing project benefits with innovative awareness

Pursuing project benefits with innovative awareness
After the mid year work meeting of the group, Guangdong Company, together with headquarters engineering, installation and other departments, conducted special flight inspections on several photovoltaic and general contracting projects in the region.
During the inspection period, through on-site observation and communication, it was found that some projects had unique innovative work: for example, a distributed photovoltaic construction site in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, with a planned capacity of 6MW, had a self-made steel structure factory roof shaped conveyor car, which was effective in accelerating construction speed, timely evacuating roof materials to ensure safe loads, and also significantly reduced labor costs and significantly improved safety factors; At a logistics warehouse construction site in Dongguan, Guangdong, a self-developed standardized lantern frame for independent column construction not only greatly reduces the construction time of column scaffolding, but also significantly advances the construction progress compared to traditional methods. At the same time, the economic benefits are obvious. Compared with a similar logistics warehouse project constructed by the group at the same time, only column scaffolding is installed, which conservatively estimates can save labor costs of hundreds of thousands of yuan.
According to the project leader in Dongguan, from the moment the project was awarded the bid, the subsidiary began project planning. In response to many unfavorable factors such as large engineering volume, tight construction period, and small overlapping gaps between various construction processes, repeated optimization and consideration of the construction process plans on the key routes of the processes were carried out, striving to achieve economic optimization under the premise of meeting the schedule. The column construction lantern frame mentioned in this article is one of the innovative results of project planning, We are currently preparing to apply for a national patent.
At present, our company's internal branches have actually formed a situation of "the strong are always strong, the weak are always weak". For branches with good operating efficiency, project management is also formal and orderly, and innovation and innovation work has repeatedly made achievements; On the contrary, some weaker subsidiaries often lack innovative thinking and do not consider cost control in their project teams, resulting in severe management waste. If a project loses a little in one place and another, the result is that every profitable project will lose money.
The current construction industry market is generally declining, with fierce competition and severe internal competition. If on-site management is extensive and slightly careless, it is easy to cause labor slowdown and waste of materials and machinery, leading to the loss of project profits and affecting the subsequent operations of various units. The management innovation of the above two projects demonstrates the vitality and significant role of technological innovation in the project. The standardized construction machinery used by them are self-developed and self-made, and are the results of self-developed frontline technical personnel, operators, and other soil experts on the project. While helping to accelerate the construction progress and improve safety factors, they also significantly improve the economic benefits of the project. I hope that the sharing of the above cases can provide inspiration for improving the management level of some of our project departments. (Gao Xiaoli)

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