The new installation platform online!

  The new installation platform online

  In May 2016, the Group and the Shanghai Network Information Technology Co., Ltd. to establish strategic cooperative relations, signed the construction of its construction and installation industry B2B platform - "installed through." In the past year, the group actively promote the use of the platform to encourage the branch, the project department through the platform for material inquiry, parity, procurement, to promote the project cost reduction efficiency.

  Due to their own development needs, combined with the customer during the operation of the proposed improvement proposals, comments, through nearly half a year of technical improvements, functional improvement, the new version of "installation through" platform in April 2017 on-line trial, continue to enhance the procurement efficiency for our customers, Reduce procurement costs. The new version of "installation through" the main improvements are as follows:

  First, the platform features more prominent, highlighting the core business "inquiry service", "commissioned procurement", "installation through mall", "financial services" function.

  Second, the inquiry service is more abundant, the inquiry is divided into the pre-bid budget inquiry and the bid after the purchase inquiry, you can directly upload a variety of formats of product list, a key analysis of the background.

  Third, online operation more convenient, simplify the operation process, support online parity, improve work efficiency.

  Fourth, the purchase cost is lower, increase the collection of suppliers, the company through the platform with more brand suppliers to sign the annual procurement framework contract.

  Fifth, financial services more flexible. Through the account guarantee, after the first paragraph of the transaction, to solve the short-term buyers demand for funds to reduce financing costs.

  6, online payment is more practical, the installation of access to widen the channel, the purchase of deductible than the column has been improved.

  At the same time, we hope that the regional companies, branch companies to make more valuable suggestions to promote the "installation through" platform to better serve us. (Market Development)

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Group Jinrun provides advanced guidance on the development of Shanghai Wangyuan Hotel's high-end decoration project

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