Identification of technical achievements of technical members of the company for the first time

In April 28th, the technical committee of the group held a meeting in the 12 building conference room of the company to organize the identification meeting of the substantive application of the three-dimensional model in the installation of petrochemical pipelines. The main leaders of the group, the technical committee of the company and the head of the research group participated.
The results were co developed by group BM design company, petrochemical branch and Hangzhou Nord software company for 2 years. The subject selects CADworx professional piping modeling software, and gives the necessary design information of each component when establishing the model. Through the independently developed data extraction plug-in, all kinds of information needed in the construction management are automatically introduced into the PIMS management system, and the initialization database is completed quickly and efficiently. The information error caused by manual reading and input data is avoided, and the efficiency of the foundation data establishment is greatly improved. At the same time, the development of "pipe construction management visualization system", the construction progress and process information in real time on the model carrier, no matter the visual understanding of the construction progress, and the operation and maintenance of the subsequent owners have brought great convenience.
On the basis of the inquiry and defense of the subject, the identification team believes that the result integrates computer software, Internet technology and construction specification, and ensures the accuracy and integrity of the basic information required for process control through BIM technology, and achieves the purpose of auxiliary construction management process; through the BIM platform, the design, construction, and construction are integrated. The information of operation and maintenance is beneficial to the full life cycle application of BIM technology. Through the developed pipeline visualization system, the information formed in the construction process is embodied in the model platform, which is beneficial to the intuition and integrity of the information needed for the follow-up and maintenance, new ideas, good innovation, and leading in the industry. Status.
Lu Fei, the general manager of the group company pointed out that the research and development of the technology has achieved the stage results, in the follow-up work should be further applied to the actual projects, in practice, to find problems and solve problems, making this achievement more and more perfect.
Yin Weidong, the chairman of the group, fully affirmed this research achievement and offered guidance to the future research work: first, to further improve the system of scientific and technological research and development, and be good at using the strength of scientific research colleges and universities to improve the level of scientific research; two is to further stimulate the heat of scientific and technological innovation, and the group headquarters should give full play to the lead. To use, each region should play the role of bond, and strive to form the scientific research pattern of the interaction between the upper and the lower, the three is to further deepen the research on the core technology of the group, and to launch the company's vast technical personnel in view of the actual situation of the construction site, and actively carry out the new and new activities of minimally invasive, improve the technical level of the company and increase the level of the company. Strong core competitiveness of enterprises, to achieve "Kai an dream" to contribute. (Wu Donghui)

Identification of technical achievements of technical members of the company for the first time

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