Group companies are elected to the top 100 popular enterprises in Nantong

In May 23rd, the Nantong City Economic and Information Committee, the civil service economic development office, the city industrial and Commercial Association, according to the operating income indicators, discharged the top 100 private enterprises (groups) in Nantong in 2017 and released the list, ranking 42 in the list, ranking the third in Qidong (9 in Qidong).
In 2017, the company continued to force in the field of foreign capital, automobile industry, medical purification, petrochemical engineering, mechanical and electrical installation and other traditional main industries. It continued to expand the construction of photovoltaic power stations and building projects, and then climbed the new peak of history. It was far beyond the threshold of 2 billion 592 million yuan of 2 billion 592 million yuan.
Top 100 private enterprises are the "leading geese" of Nantong's private enterprises. They are an important force to promote the development of Nantong's private economy and local private economy. As the leading enterprise in the Jiangsu installation industry, the group company will continue to adhere to the basic tone of steady progress and high quality and continuous development. It will be a specialized, big and strong enterprise, continuously promote innovation and innovation, constantly improve the quality and efficiency of development, and contribute to the construction of "strong rich, beautiful, high" new Nantong and new Qidong. (Office)

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Chairman Yin Weidong visited the representatives of retired employees

he Double Ninth Festival is full of enlightenment. On the eve of the Double Ninth Festival, Yin Weidong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group Company, came to visit the home of Zhou Jianzhong, a representative of retired employees over 80 years old, and sent blessings and care to the elderly. It is reported that this year, the group company appointed a trade union to visit a total of 16 retired workers and 2 disabled workers, the condolences of the old comrades have been grateful for the development of the company without forgetting the old workers, wishing the company to flourish and the cause to a higher level! (Office)