The company was awarded the "outstanding contribution award" of Shanghai installation industry.

On the occasion of the establishment of the Shanghai installation industry association 30th anniversary, the enterprises and individuals who have made great contributions to the installation industry in Shanghai have been commended for many years. They hope that the award-winning units and individuals will not forget their first heart and forge ahead and continue to advance the installation of Shanghai. A new step. Our company has won this honor by virtue of its conscientious and pioneering spirit rooted in the Shanghai market for many years.
Since the installation of the market in Shanghai in 80s of last century, the company has participated in the construction of key projects such as "85" technical reform of Shanghai cigarette factory, Shanghai telephone number elevation and nineteen state cotton plant. In recent years, it has also participated in the national level of Pudong International Airport, Hongqiao hub, Shanghai World Expo, National Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai center and so on. Major projects have also undertaken a large number of investment projects in Shanghai, including general electric, general motors, BOSCH, Novartis, Roche, Corelle and other 500 top economies in the world. Over the past thirty years, the project in Shanghai has received 1 "Luban awards", 2 "China installation stars", 33 Shanghai "Shen An Cup", 12 Shanghai "white yulan", 8 Shanghai city "golden steel Award" and so on, and Shanghai market has become the main regional market for the development of the company's economy. The "outstanding contribution award" issued by the Shanghai installation industry association is the affirmation of the achievement of the company for more than thirty years. It also encourages the people of Kai an to make persistent efforts to add brick and brick to the construction of the international metropolis and add the icing on the cake for the installation of Shanghai. (Zhang Jian)

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Chairman Yin Weidong visited the representatives of retired employees

he Double Ninth Festival is full of enlightenment. On the eve of the Double Ninth Festival, Yin Weidong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group Company, came to visit the home of Zhou Jianzhong, a representative of retired employees over 80 years old, and sent blessings and care to the elderly. It is reported that this year, the group company appointed a trade union to visit a total of 16 retired workers and 2 disabled workers, the condolences of the old comrades have been grateful for the development of the company without forgetting the old workers, wishing the company to flourish and the cause to a higher level! (Office)