Blazing young dream of flying Remark the young people ---- Yin Weidong

Gu Yu sees peony, sees peony in summer, sees youth in life, and sees youth in Kai an. On the occasion of the 54 holiday, on behalf of the Party committee of the group, I would like to extend a holiday greeting to the young employees of the security community. I wish the youth a happy holiday.
This year is the 54 sports 95th anniversary. This great movement has formed the 54 spirit of patriotism, progress, democracy and science. The spirit of the spirit passed through the fire, the more radiant, a generation of young people, "with youth I, the creation of the youth of the family, the country of youth, the youth of the nation, the youth of the human, the earth of youth, the universe of youth, the universe of youth." The years of Jiangsu Kai an's 60 years' development have witnessed the strength and function of the young people. It is the effort of the young people to start a generation of Kai an, which has condensed the valuable enterprise spirit and culture of Jiangsu Kai an and achieved the good development situation of the group today. At present, the group undertakings are in the historical window of transformation and transformation, and are in the key nodes to promote the sustainable development of high quality. We wish that the young people of our Kai an can take the 54 spirit, uphold the tradition, advocate innovation, and take the responsibility for the future development of Kai an actively and decisively, and dare to be the pioneer of promoting the reform and innovation of the group, the leading role of promoting the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, the example of the talent of the enterprise, in the enterprise management and the scientific and technological innovation Flashing youth and flying dreams.
The river of time keeps flowing. Every generation of young people has their own opportunities and opportunities. They must plan their life and create history in their own times. Youth is the most sensitive barometer of the times. The responsibility of youth is given to the youth, and the glory of the times belongs to the youth. Mao Zedong, the founding leader, said that the world is yours and ours, but in the final analysis, it is yours. Youthful youths are thriving, like the sun at eight or nine in the morning. Hope is on you. If young people are strong, enterprises will be strong. Only when young people are full of vigor and vitality can enterprises flourish and develop. We wish that the young people of our Kai an will be able to draw the 54 spirit, carry forward their personality and work with the team, and consciously and well take on the task of the future development of Kai an, and strive to be the pioneer of the lean construction of the group, the representative of the building craftsmen, the fan of the construction of the enterprise culture, and the youth in the construction site and the project site. To fly dreams.
Spring breaks down the sharp shoots and turns to a hundred feet. Kai an's future belongs to the youth, and the great cause of Kai an needs your creation and prosperity. Kai an young people, work hard!

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