Notice on Further Strengthening Work Safety in Summer High Temperature and Typhoon Flood Season

On Further Strengthening Summer High Temperature and Summer High Temperature
Notice of Work Safety in Typhoon Flood Season
Regional companies, branches and project departments:
At present, all parts of the country generally enter the summer high temperature and rainy season, high temperature, typhoon, rainstorm, strong wind and other gradually increased, and in the peak period of construction, construction site workers are prone to fatigue, heatstroke, which brings many adverse factors to production safety. In order to strengthen the work of safe production in summer, ensure the personal health and safety of employees, and prevent all kinds of safety accidents, the following requirements are put forward. Please implement them carefully.
I. Attaching Great Attention to Safety Production in Summer
In view of the characteristics of frequent bad weather at present, the leaders of the Group attach great importance to it. The regional companies should further implement the measures of safety production management. In the near future, they should organize the special inspection of "summer high temperature and flood season". The project departments of each branch company should actively cooperate with the special inspection of the regional companies and seriously formulate the corresponding measures. Combining with the characteristics and reality of Engineering production, we should implement our responsibilities and actively prepare for the prevention of current disasters. For the problems found in the inspection, measures should be formulated and implemented in time to prevent accidents caused by high temperature, typhoons and rainstorms. Before August 15, the regional company inspected according to the special checklist of "Summer High Temperature and Flood Season" (see annex) and reported the implementation of the checks and corrections to the installation Department of the group company.
2. Effectively do a good job in health and epidemic prevention
Strengthen the hygienic management of canteens, food and drinking water in construction sites, ensure food hygiene, and strictly comply with the "Environmental and Hygienic Standards for Construction Sites" (JGJ146-2013) to avoid poisoning incidents. To ensure that temporary facilities such as dormitories, canteens, toilets and showers meet the standards and meet the requirements of heat prevention and cooling. Cookers must be on duty with a certificate to ensure that food procurement, production and preservation meet hygienic requirements. The raw and cooked food in the canteen should be separated and equipped with refrigerators. The system of keeping food samples for inspection should be strictly enforced. Educate employees not to buy boxed meals or cooked food from the surrounding unlicensed vendors. All kinds of domestic refuse should be cleaned out every day and sprayed regularly in living areas, drainage tanks, toilets and other places to prevent mosquitoes and flies from breeding.
3. Fully Implementing the Work of Heat Prevention and Cooling
1. Reasonable working hours should be arranged during high temperature, and the method of "doing both ends and taking a break" should be adopted. When the temperature is above 35 C, it is not allowed to work under direct sunlight. When the temperature is above 38 C, all outdoor construction operations shall be suspended except emergency rescue and repair operations. Do a good job of ventilation and cooling in the construction of airtight space, and ensure that caregivers are in place.
2. Do a good job in publicity and education of heatstroke prevention, use blackboard newspapers and propaganda boards to publicize and educate employees on basic knowledge of preventing high temperature heatstroke, actively carry out emergency rescue drills for heatstroke prevention, so that employees can master the knowledge of heatstroke prevention and rescue.
3. Employee dormitories should ensure good ventilation conditions. Every construction site should be equipped with sufficient drinking water and certain drinks such as mung bean soup, barley tea, salt and soda water for employees. Cool oil, Rendan, ten drops of water and Fengyou essence should be distributed to prevent heatstroke. Effective ventilation, heat insulation and cooling measures should be taken in high-temperature workplaces to minimize high-altitude and deep foundation pit operations, to avoid single and sealed space operations, and to timely replace old and weak personnel who are not suitable for high-temperature work.
4. Do a Good Job in Fire Safety
Summer is a season of frequent fires. All units should strictly implement the management system of electricity and fire use, equip necessary fire fighting equipment, carry out special personnel responsible for daily fire prevention work, carry out fire drill training, and improve the internal fire prevention ability of the project. Strengthen the management of fire use in construction site, and strictly enforce the fire examination and approval system to prevent fire accidents. Standardize safety measures for storage, transportation and use of inflammable and explosive articles such as paints and cylinders. It is strictly forbidden to use polystyrene, polyurethane foam and other temporary facilities to build temporary facilities. It is strictly forbidden to indiscriminately connect wiring and overload the use of air conditioning to avoid fire.
V. Strengthening the Management of Risk Sources of Natural Disasters
Each unit should ensure that the leadership team, flood control team, flood control measures and flood control materials are "four in place" during the flood season. For projects with harsh natural environment such as mountainous areas, beaches and flood discharge areas, according to the characteristics of the flood season and the actual situation of the project, the local meteorological information and the instability factors of the surrounding environment of the construction site should be paid attention to and formulated. Preventive and emergency measures for safety production of construction in flood season shall be taken to prevent disasters and accidents caused by mountain torrents, debris flows, surging rivers, landslides and strong winds. Each regional company, branch company and project department should focus on strengthening the inspection of key parts and key links in the construction site, especially on site drainage, temporary facilities, foundation pit support, lifting equipment, load-bearing formwork support, temporary construction power consumption and so on. Do a good job in thunderstorm season on-site lightning protection work, install reliable lightning protection devices, external scaffolding, lifting equipment and other equipment to do a good job of lightning protection grounding, construction machinery and lighting devices to do a good job of protection zero, to prevent major accidents.
6. Strict on-site safety supervision of projects
During construction in high temperature, employees often relax their vigilance and work in violation of regulations. The project department should strictly implement the pre-class safety meeting system, strengthen safety inspection and supervision, and standardize the safety behavior of employees. Attention should be paid to the wearing of personal labor protective articles. For those who do not wear seat belts, safety hats and wear them, we should attach great importance to the wearing of personal labor protective articles.

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On the afternoon of February 25, the group held a mobilization meeting for regional companies at the beginning of the year. Chairman Yin Weidong took the time to attend the meeting and made a speech. He put forward three requirements for regional work in the new year. One is to correctly judge and understand the external situation, accurately understand and grasp the company's situation, and provide important ideological guarantees for good work; The second is to make it clear that resolving stock risks and preventing new risks are the two key tasks of the year, and to formulate measures around the two tasks and implement them well; the third is to get to work as soon as possible after the holiday, and widely publicize the spirit of the third and sixth general meetings of shareholders and the latest industry policies, so as to gather more positive energy for the group's dangerous picture and progress. The chairman stressed that regional personnel should go deep into the front line of construction to understand the resumption of the project at the first time, predict possible problems, determine corresponding solutions and measures, and at the same time keep in mind "loyalty, cleanliness and responsibility". Continue to strengthen the construction of work style and constantly improve the service level. At the meeting, General Manager Zhang Jian made specific arrangements on how to implement the spirit of the report made by the chairman at the sixth general meeting of shareholders to 2024, and the participants conducted interactive exchanges on their respective regional work.

The six shareholders' meetings of the three sessions of the Group and the working meeting at the beginning of the year were successfully held.

People are diligent and spring comes early. It is the right time to move forward. On February 23, the sixth shareholders' meeting of the group company and the working meeting at the beginning of the year were successfully held in the conference hall on the 4th floor of Qi'an building. more than 160 people attended the meeting, including shareholders, group headquarters, regional companies, all personnel of directly affiliated units and heads of branches. The meeting was presided over by general manager Zhang Jian.

Qidong City Construction Industry Work Conference Held

On the morning of February 20, the city's construction industry work conference was held ceremoniously in the municipal party education center. Yang Zhongjian, secretary of Qidong Municipal Committee, made an important speech. Wang Kailiang, party secretary and director of Nantong Housing and Construction Bureau, and city leaders Cai Yi, Gu Yunfeng, Shao Maohua, Gao Guangjun, Pan Shuanglin, Chen Hongfei and Zhang Hairong attended the event. The company's winners and representatives attended the meeting.

The 6th Youth League Congress of the Group Company Held Successfully

On the afternoon of February 19, the sixth Congress of the Committee of the Communist Youth League Jiangsu Qi'an Construction Group Co., Ltd. was successfully held in the academic center on the fourth floor of the company. Wu Qimeng, secretary of the Qidong Municipal CPC Committee of the Communist Youth League, and Yin Weidong, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group company, were invited to attend the event, which was attended by 22 members from the League branches of various branches.

The group company was continuously awarded the "Gold Medal Enterprise" and "Top 20 Taxpayers" in Qidong City. Yin Weidong, the honorary chairman, was awarded the "Gold Medal Entrepreneur"

On the afternoon of February 8, Qidong municipal Party committee and municipal government held a grand 2023 comprehensive commendation meeting in the municipal party education center. Jiangsu Qi'an Construction Group Co., Ltd. once again won the honors of "gold medal enterprise" and "top 20 tax paying enterprises". Yin Weidong, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group company, was once again awarded the title of "gold medal entrepreneur" and was invited to attend the meeting to receive the award. At the meeting, Yang Zhongjian, secretary of the Qidong Municipal CPC Committee, made an important speech, mobilizing the whole city to deeply draw on the strength of struggle, compete for development and win the first place in a more high-spirited state, and constantly gather a strong joint force to promote the new practice of Chinese-style modernization in Qidong. The group company also won the title of "the most caring donation enterprise", and Gong Shancong, vice president of the group, was rated as "the most caring individual". (Office)

The Group Company Held a Ceremoniously 2023 Comprehensive Recognition and 2024 Spring Festival Greeting Meeting

Long Teng Rui Qi Ying Qi An, Feng Wu Xiang Yun Zhao Guo Rui. On February 5 (December 26 of the lunar calendar), the group company held a grand 2023 comprehensive commendation and spring festival party in qidong guorui haosheng hotel. Yin Weidong, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the group company, delivered a speech, Lu Fei, general manager, read out the commendation decision, and Huang Haojie, director of Qidong Housing and Construction Bureau, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Nearly 400 people including all staff of the group headquarters, regional companies, and directly affiliated units, heads and related personnel of each branch, and all commended objects participated in the event.