169 kinds of actions such as inadequate dust control are dishonest! Bidding and bidding will be jointly punished!

On October 15, the official website of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction released the Circular of the Office of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction on the Interim Measures for Credit Information Management and other documents for public solicitation of opinions, involving three draft solicitation of opinions, including credit information management of construction industry, joint punishment for dishonesty and joint incentives for keeping faith.
In the Interim Measures for the Management of the List of Joint Punishment Targets for Breach of Credit in the Field of Housing Urban and Rural Construction (Draft for Online Comments), the list of acts listed in the list of joint punishment targets for breach of credit (101) and the list of acts listed in the list of focused objects (68) are specified in detail.
In terms of construction market and engineering quality and safety, the draft solicits opinions and puts forward that if major or more engineering quality and safety accidents occur, or if two or more major engineering quality and safety accidents occur in a year, or if serious engineering quality and safety accidents of bad nature, serious harmfulness and great social impact occur, they shall be subject to administrative penalties. Construction units and construction units are mainly responsible for collective petitions or extreme salary-seeking incidents caused by failing to pay project funds or arrears of labor wages as agreed in the contract; applicants fail to fulfill their promises and have a greater impact on the examination and approval of construction projects under the notification commitment system; and construction units fail to fulfill their projects in accordance with the law. Where the obligation of quality guarantee or delay in fulfilling the obligation of quality guarantee occurs; after a quality and safety accident occurs, the accident site is intentionally destroyed and relevant evidence destroyed; where the construction unit delivers the unaccepted building or municipal engineering for use and fails to go through the formalities for acceptance within the time limit; where the dust-raising management is not in place and the circumstances are serious; and where the work is carried out in rural areas, the relevant evidence is destroyed Illegal dumping and stacking of garbage in the district seriously pollutes the environment or has a greater social impact; malicious cheating of scientific research funds such as false invoice reimbursement, preparation of false contracts, and provision of false financial and accounting information; and the provision and use of fake, inferior or defective building materials, building accessories and equipment, as determined, resulting in bad conditions. Affected.
As for the construction market and the quality and safety of projects, the draft solicits opinions and puts forward: those who have not obtained the construction project planning license or have not carried out the construction according to the provisions of the construction project planning license and have not been corrected within the time limit; those who have not been approved or have not carried out the temporary construction according to the approved content, or that temporary buildings and structures are not demolished beyond the approved time limit. Except for those who fail to fulfil the obligation of ordering demolition within a time limit; those who fail to fulfil the relevant obligations within the time limit after the decision of ordering the urban and rural housing construction and urban management departments at all levels to stop construction, to demolish within a time limit, to confiscate physical objects or to confiscate illegal income has been made; those who change the use of houses determined by the construction project planning license without authorization and fail to correct within a time limit Construction units fail to dispose of construction waste in accordance with regulations and refuse to rectify it after being persuaded by education; they occupy urban roads without approval for construction and cause casualties or other major accidents.
With regard to special disciplinary measures, the draft solicits opinions clearly regarding the creditors included in the list of Joint Disciplinary targets for dishonesty, the following special disciplinary measures may be taken individually or jointly by relevant departments, organizations and institutions:
1. Administrative restraint and punishment. We should strictly examine and approve administrative licensing projects, strictly control the issuance of production licenses, restrict the approval and approval of new projects, strictly restrict the application for financial funds projects, restrict participation in relevant public resources trading activities, and restrict participation in infrastructure and public utilities franchising. Implement market and industry prohibition measures. Revoke the honorary title in time and cancel the qualification to participate in the evaluation first.
2. Market restraint and punishment. Measures such as restricting high consumption behavior should be taken for those who have the ability to fulfil but refuse to fulfil their statutory obligations. To guide commercial banks, securities and futures operators, insurance companies and other financial institutions to increase their loan interest rates and property insurance premiums according to the principle of risk pricing, or to restrict the provision of loans, sponsorship, underwriting, insurance and other services to them.
3. Industry restraint and punishment. Promote the construction of industry credit and encourage trade associations to carry out credit rating evaluation of their members.
4. Social restraint and punishment, establish and improve the system of reporting dishonesty.
5. Other disciplinary measures determined by the Joint Inter-ministerial Meeting on the Construction of Laws and Regulations and Social Credit System.
The draft solicits opinions and puts forward clear joint incentive measures for keeping faith: encouraging credit points in activities related to public resources trading; prioritizing policy support, financial support, media promotion, honor evaluation and other activities; publicizing them, and appropriately reducing routine supervision, inspection and supervision sampling frequency. Secondly, in the process of conducting administrative examination and approval business, after making written commitments as required, it can provide convenient service measures such as "green passage" and "tolerance and acceptance of shortcomings"; other incentives and incentive systems.
It is reported that meeting the following conditions (1, 2, 3 as the basic conditions, 4, 5, 6 as one can) is included in the preliminary list of trustworthy joint incentive targets, which are jointly encouraged as trustworthy joint incentive targets after being examined and declared qualified:
1. No major violations of laws, regulations and rules have occurred in the past three years.
2. To abide by the credit commitment system, to publicly promise to the society to strictly abide by the relevant laws, regulations, norms and mandatory standards in the field of urban and rural housing construction, and to accept voluntary restraint and punishment after illegal and dishonest operation;
3. In the industry of credit evaluation, the credit evaluation is the highest grade (or the first 10% of the comprehensive evaluation results).
4. To be commended and rewarded by administrative organs at or above the provincial and ministerial levels (subject to the announcement of projects by the office of the Joint Conference on Cleaning up Standards, Rating and Achieving Standards; non-residential)

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