State Council: "Registration Certificate" repeatedly prohibits not only hidden dangers of engineering quality and safety, but also needs to be eliminated urgently.

  Recently, the Sixth Inspection Group of the State Council made an open and secret visit to construction enterprises, registered personnel, intermediaries and other institutions. It was found that the phenomenon of "registration certificate" has existed for a long time among various qualified registered personnel in the field of construction engineering, including registered builders and registered supervisory engineers, which has brought serious hidden dangers to the quality and safety of projects. We should make great efforts to study and solve the problem fundamentally.
The inspection team found that in the field of construction engineering, there has been a huge illegal "registered certificate" intermediary service market with clearly marked prices, complete categories and large scale, and black intermediaries providing "training-textual research-registration-registration" one-stop service are all over the network and major cities.
According to conservative estimates, "registered certificate" market transactions at least billions of yuan a year, or even up to 10 billion yuan. The inspection team interviewed more than ten construction enterprises in China. The interviewed enterprises indicated that in order to meet the requirements of enterprise qualification examination, project bidding and other requirements, and to save manpower costs, most of the enterprises in the industry have "registration" behavior, which has become an open latent rule.
One respondent said, "Compared with the formal employment of qualified employees, the cost of finding certificates is much lower. For example, for medium-sized projects, the annual salary of the first-class builders is 300,000 to 500,000 yuan, while the registration certificate only needs 60,000 to 80,000 yuan per year.
Many non-practitioners make textual research for the purpose of "registering certificates", forming the strange phenomenon of "working without certificates and not working with certificates". Through a secret interview with a construction engineer examination and training institution in Beijing, we learned that many people who took the exam and obtained the certificate had no industry experience at all, and they could take whatever certificate was worth. The head of a construction enterprise admits, "There are many kinds of construction industry, some of our employees are experienced, but not good at examinations, and some of them fail in examinations for many years."
The inspection team found that all participants in the "certificate" in the field of construction engineering formed a black industrial chain and interest chain: the holder can get high returns without paying actual labor; the rental enterprise has improved the qualification level and bidding chips, saved personnel costs; intermediaries have led the way and made windfall profits.
"Fake first, rebuild house", certificate affiliation to the supervision of construction projects and quality safety buried serious hidden dangers. It is known to the industry that in recent years, the occurrence of problems such as "crooked buildings" and "crisp buildings" is partly related to the lack of management of project managers (license holders).
In recent years, the relevant departments have intensified their efforts to clean up and rectify the phenomenon of "registered certificates" and achieved some results, but they are also facing many difficulties. Due to the limited means of supervision and the lighter punishment, it is difficult to form an effective deterrent. The phenomenon of "certificate registration" is still prohibited repeatedly.
The inspection team recommends that relevant departments conduct a thorough investigation of illegal "registration" disorders nationwide as soon as possible, and rectify illegal intermediaries; earnestly strengthen supervision and punishment, increase the cost of illegal violations, cut off the chain of interests behind the registration, and form "personal illegal industries are prohibited from entering, and enterprises'illegal activities endanger their survival". Deterrence effect; accelerate the application of information-based supervision means, improve the quality and efficiency of supervision; improve the relevant systems and regulations, fundamentally eliminate the policy gap of illegal acts. (According to the New Architectural Network)


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