In 2018, the key events of Qi'an

  On January 1, Yin Weidong, chairman of the Group Company, delivered a New Year's address, looking back on the achievements and honors of the past year, and putting forward requirements and expectations for the work of the new year.
Jan. 5, 2016 Nantong Quality Pacemaker List was released. The Group Company was honored for its remarkable achievements in introducing excellent performance management model.
On January 5, the Group signed the mechanical and electrical project of Harbin International Agricultural Exposition Center, the largest agricultural complex in Asia. The Golden Sunshine Branch is responsible for the construction of the project, aiming at creating the "Luban Award".
On January 19, the Group held the "Opening Ceremony of Tang Zhigang's Welding Skills Master Studio and Qian'an-Shang'an Welding Technology Exchange Meeting". Chairman Yin Weidong encouraged the company to cultivate more technical talents and help Qian'an develop.
From January 24 to 27, Yin Weidong, chairman of the group, Lu Fei, general manager and Song Hongliang, deputy managing director, conducted field research on Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing and other regional companies. Yin Weidong puts forward some guiding opinions on the basis of regional reality.
On February 10, Qidong Municipal Committee and Municipal Government held a comprehensive recognition conference in 2017. The group company was awarded the title of "Gold Enterprise" and the chairman Yin Weidong was awarded the title of "Gold Entrepreneur".
On February 12, the Group held a grand comprehensive recognition conference in Qidong Global Building in 2017. Yin Weidong, chairman of the group company, delivered a speech. Lu Fei, general manager, read out the award decision. A group of advanced collectives and individuals were commended. It was the evening of the day that the company held its 2018 Spring Festival Mission.
On February 23, the Group Company and the Group Jinshun Branch won the "Top Ten Construction Enterprises" in Qidong City in 2017 at the city's construction work conference. Eight people, Yin Weidong, Lu Fei, Shen Wei, Gu Hongjiang, Chen Fei, Zhang Huidong, Cao Hongbin and Xu Hao, won the "Excellent Construction Entrepreneurs". The Group won four national-level high-quality engineering awards and many provincial-level high-quality projects. "Cup Award", "Enterprise Technology Center, Work Method, QC Achievements" won the "Science and Technology Innovation Award", and "Group Hengli Branch" won the "Twenty Best Construction Enterprises". At the meeting, Yin Weidong, chairman of the group company, made an exchange speech.
From February 24 to March 5, the Group organized a series of training and education activities, with nearly 500 trainees, covering writing, finance, safety, quality, project planning and BIM, etc.

On March 1, the 2nd Seven Shareholders'Meeting and the Work Meeting at the beginning of the year of the Group Company were solemnly held in Qidong Global Building. Yin Weidong, the chairman of the board of directors, wrote a work report entitled "Residence in peace, thinking about dangers, seeking transformation steadily, striving to create a new situation of sustainable and high-quality development of the company". Hu Jianchun, chairman of the board of supervisors, reports to the board of supervisors, and Shi Fangming, chief accountant, makes financial reports. The three reports were adopted unanimously by the General Assembly.
March 20, the Jiangsu Installation Industry Association held a working conference in Nanjing in 2018. The group company won the title of "Best Enterprise" in the installation industry of Jiangsu Province in 2017, and Chairman Yin Weidong and General Manager Lu Fei were awarded "Excellent Entrepreneur" in the installation industry of Jiangsu Province in 2017. On that day, the association held a new election, and Yin Weidong, the chairman, was elected vice-chairman.
On March 23, China Construction Enterprise Management Association issued the Notice of Recognition of Excellent Construction Enterprises in 2017, which ranked the group company. This is since 2004, the company has been awarded the honorary title of "National Excellent Construction Enterprise" for 14 consecutive times.
March 28, Jiangsu Construction Industry Association 2018 Meeting and 2017 Jiangsu Construction Industry "Top 100" Enterprise Evaluation Ranking Conference were held in Nanjing. The Group Company was awarded the title of "Top 100 Enterprises in Jiangsu Construction Industry Competitiveness" again, ranking 47th, up 12 places from last year. Yin Weidong, chairman of the group company, was named "outstanding entrepreneur" in Jiangsu construction industry.
On April 12, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region and Chairman of the District Government, Zizala, inspected the construction site of the ecological relocation and resettlement project in Gurong Township's high-altitude ecological function area, which was constructed by the Group Company, and fully affirmed and highly appraised Qian'an, Jiangsu Province.
From April 12 to 13, the company organized the new standards of Quality Management System Requirements (GB/T19001-2016) Environmental Management System Requirements (GB/T24001-2016).
On April 20, the Party Committee of the company organized some Party members and key employees to go to Shaoshan, Hunan Province to carry out the Party building activities on the theme of "never forget the original intention and remember the mission", to remember the great leaders and to receive revolutionary traditional education.
On April 24, Nantong Construction Industry Association held a conference on the evaluation and ranking of the top 30 enterprises in Nantong construction industry in 2017. For the fifth consecutive year, the group company ranked in the top 30 competitiveness rankings, ranking 15, up 5 places from last year. Lu Fei, general manager of the group company, was awarded the title of "Excellent Entrepreneur of Nantong Construction Industry".
On April 24, the China Installation Association held the 2016-2017 China Installation Association Science and Technology Progress Award Award Award Award Award Award Ceremony. The Group Company's "New Technologies for Industrial Integration of Medical Clean Space Construction" and "Application of Cloud Service Platform in Enterprise Management" won the third prize for scientific and technological progress.
On April 28, the company held a trial run training of "Kai'an Real Name System Management Software". Yin Weidong calls for active use of management software to push forward point-to-point and side-by-side. After the pilot project, the system has the conditions for full implementation.
On May 4, the Youth League Committee of the Group Corporation organized the theme fitness activity of "Promoting the May 4th Spirit and Refining Youth Will", aiming at guiding young employees to temper their will to struggle and contributing to the realization of "Qi'an Dream".
9733 The group attaches great importance to it and takes emergency measures immediately.
From May 8 to July 31, the Group Company carried out a comprehensive survey of potential quality hazards of public construction projects. A total of 195 public construction projects since 2010 have been sorted out. 128 projects need to be sorted out after screening. 218 reports of screening, sorting out and rectification have been collected.
On May 10, the Group adopted the remote video mode to organize the Financial Supervisor Business training. This paper combs and interprets the relevant policies of "business-to-increase" and gives risk tips. It also provides analysis and guidance on how to rationally apply the annual enterprise income tax remittance and enterprise R&D fee plus deduction policies in projects.
On May 15, at the 11th National Five Good Families Recognition Conference held in Beijing Great Hall of the People, Xu Xiangao, Lao Qian, was honored by his family.
May 16 and 28-31, the company passed the audit of "Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Integrated Management System of Quality Management Standards for Construction Enterprises" by the External Audit Group of Beijing China Construction Association Certification Center.
On May 23, the company was awarded the top 100 private enterprises (groups) in Nantong City in 2017, ranking 42.
On May 29, the government building of the administrative office area of the Beijing Vice-Center, which the company participated in, was formally approved for acceptance. The project was inspected by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the main leaders of Beijing.

June "Safety Production Month", the company has set up a leading group for safety production, the chairman of the group is the chairman of the group, the heads of all regions and departments are members, and the safety equipment department of the permanent establishment is specifically responsible for daily safety management and supervision.
On June 26-27, Tang Xiong, Deputy Secretary of the Qidong Municipal Party Committee, and She Dehua, Vice Mayor of Qidong Municipality, visited the Cainaqu Water Project and the Lhasa Convenient Service Center in Tibet, and paid a visit to the cadres and workers, giving them high recognition of the remarkable achievements made by the company in Tibet.
On July 9, the Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department of Jiangsu Province carried out a list of "Top 100 Enterprises" in the construction industry of Jiangsu Province in 2017. In the ninth year, the company ranked first in the installation category of Top 100 Enterprises in the construction industry of Jiangsu Province and became the only "ninth consecutive top" enterprise in the construction industry of Jiangsu Province.
9733 Yin Weidong, the chairman of the board of directors, offered ardent hope to the graduates of the new university, and the heads of relevant departments and departments made requests to the new college students.
On July 20, Qian'an Newspaper of the Group was awarded the Silver Page Award by China Construction Enterprise Management Association. On July 25, Qian'an Newspaper and Qian'an Website were awarded the National Excellent Newspaper and Website of Installation Industry by China Installation Association.
On July 31, the LNG receiving station project of Jiangyin LNG Distribution Center, which was built by the Group Company, was successfully lifted to the top. The project is the first LNG receiving station built along the Yangtze River. It is the largest bimetallic fully enclosed tank in China and even in Asia.
On August 21, Shen Liangjie, Standing Committee and Secretary of Discipline Commission of Qidong Municipal Party Committee, inspected the construction of the extension project of the Party Style and Clean Government Construction Education Center of Qidong City, which was constructed by a branch company of Qidong Municipal Party Committee. Yin Weidong, Chairman of the Board, accompanied the inspection.
On August 26, the Bokang Technological Reform Project in Xuzhou was held in Pizhou. More than 120 party and government leaders, such as Zhou Tiegen, Secretary of the CPC Xuzhou Municipal Committee, and ZhuangZhaolin, Mayor of Xuzhou participated.
Sept. 17-22, the company adopted the "special flight inspection" method, and made a surprise inspection of some of the projects under implementation. The inspection team is led by Lu Fei, general manager of the company, focusing on safety and quality, focusing on the process control records of large-scale machinery and equipment and site quality.
From September 26 to 27, the Qidong Symposium on Construction Industry Development was held in Nanjing. Yin Weidong made an exchange speech at the symposium. Participants attended the 180,000 tons/year alkoxylation high performance activator project of Sasso (China) Chemical Co., Ltd.
From September 29 to 30, the company held a "Training Course on Construction Technology and Standards of Qian'an Construction Project, Jiangsu Province, 2018". Yin Weidong attended the event and gave a mobilization speech. 110 technicians participated in the training.
From October 12 to 15, the group news highlight group joined Qidong TV station, Qidong Daily and other local mainstream media into the project Department of Harbin Agricultural Expo Center for interviews. This year, the Group Reporting Group has visited Zhenjiang, Nanjing, Shanghai, Tangshan, Hainan, Jilin and other places to interview and report on the company's highlights.
On October 16, the Jiangsu-Xinjiang Cooperation Promotion Conference in the Construction Field was held in Urumqi. Lu Fei, General Manager of the Group Company, and Song Chunjue, Deputy General Manager of the Group Company participated in the event. Over the past 40 years, the company has won two Luban Awards, one National Award and more than 10 Autonomous Region Awards for Quality Engineering. It has been awarded outstanding enterprises of Jiangsu Province's construction industry in Xinjiang for many consecutive years and established Qian'an brand in Xinjiang.
October 26, the company launched the second half of the year's safety and quality inspection, led by General Manager Lu Fei. The inspection project covers all branch companies and project departments directly under the region. It covers nine aspects: project safety, quality, technology, goal of creating excellent and innovative safety, project safety planning, and compliance of Engineering data.
On Nov. 2, China Construction Enterprise Management Association announced the "List of Typical Enterprises with Good Faith in Engineering Construction in 2018", and the company was re-evaluated as "Typical Enterprises with Good Faith".
On November 4, the company participated in the poverty alleviation and student aid activities in Hanxi Township, Shaanxi Province, and general manager Lu Fei participated in the activities. The company donated money to Mojiapo Village, Sizhong Township and Gaochuan Township, Xixiang Township, to support local poverty alleviation work.
On November 14, Yin Weidong, chairman of the Group, and others inspected the Biguiyuan Riverside Skyline Project, which was constructed by Song Lingling Project Department in Nantong District, and provided guidance for the project.

On November 15, Qian'an E-learning network learning platform was officially put into use.
On November 23, the exchange ceremony of Sinopec (Hong Kong) Yangpu Oil Depot Wharf Project was held in Yangpu, Hainan. The project is the largest product depot Wharf in Sinopec at present, and the construction quality is affirmed by Sinopec executives.
On November 30, the Group organized six exchanges of units applying for the establishment of branch companies. Zhang Jianhui, Xu Weidong, Xing Yadong, Chen Yongfu, Song Lingling and Huang Kai introduced their respective situations. Yin Weidong, chairman of the group company, talked freely about the experience of the meeting and put forward the request to the applicant.
On December 1, Chairman Yin Weidong and General Manager Lu Fei of the Group came to Yangzhong Intelligence Park for on-site inspection and guidance. They asked the project department to make further efforts to improve the management level and ensure that they won the Yangtze Cup and strive for the National Excellence Award.
On December 4, the China Installation Association announced the results of the selection of China Installation Project Quality Award (China Installation Star) for 2017-2018. The third phase of the expansion project of the Group's PG (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. was awarded the prize for its annual output of 42,000 tons of water-borne resin and 18,000 tons of adhesives. The company has won 21 provincial and ministerial high-quality projects in the whole year, including 1 Luban Award, 2 National Excellence Award and 1 Installation Star.
Dec. 2 - 6, the group company organized the pre-test training of "National BIM Technical Level Examination" in the headquarters training center. The training has effectively improved the students'BIM technology practice ability.

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Group Shanghai Company to Carry out Special Safety Inspection Before the Festival

At the end of January, the Group Shanghai Company organized a special pre-holiday safety inspection for regional key projects. The inspection team came to Shanghai Wangyuan Building Hotel Decoration General Contracting Project and Shanghai Midea Global Innovation Park Project successively to check the safety special construction plan, emergency plan, safety disclosure, training and other contents, and to inspect the on-site mechanical equipment, temporary electricity consumption, quality safety morning meeting records, and temporary entrance protection at the edge of the cave. The inspection team requires the project department to do a good job of shutdown and self-inspection during the Spring Festival, do a good job in fire prevention, waterproof and anti-theft measures, and strictly implement the group's relevant requirements for safe production at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, so as to provide strong support for the group company to maintain a stable safety situation. (Shanghai Company)

The group company successfully won the bid for the 115WM agricultural photovoltaic complementary power generation project

In mid January, good news came from the photovoltaic market, and the group company successfully won the bid for the photovoltaic field and collection line general contracting project (EPC) of the 115MW agricultural photovoltaic complementary photovoltaic power generation project in Tianzihu Town, Anji County, Zhejiang Province

The group's Dongguan cross-border e-commerce Qiying Express project has been inspected by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban Rural Development

On January 11th, the Dongguan cross-border e-commerce Qiying Express project undertaken by the group company underwent a major safety and quality inspection by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban Rural Development.

Group Jinrun provides advanced guidance on the development of Shanghai Wangyuan Hotel's high-end decoration project

Group Jinrun provides advanced guidance on the development of Shanghai Wangyuan Hotel's high-end decoration project

Jinrun Branch of the Group Delivers Brilliant Business Performance Answers

Looking back at 2023, the overall environment of the construction industry was extremely difficult.

The group company won the bid for the Guanggang Gas LNG Cold Energy Comprehensive Utilization Air Separation Project

At the beginning of the new year, the Nantong regional open market of the group welcomed a good start and successfully won the bid for the construction and installation project of the LNG cold energy comprehensive utilization air separation project of Guangzhou Iron and Steel Gas (Nantong) Co., Ltd.,