New year's Day message

  Respect the New Age and Start Again
New Year's Day Address
Mouth Yin Weidong
Brave to overcome the difficulties and move forward. In 2018, Qian'an people came to us strongly, and it was not easy to break through the difficulties.
We are determined to persevere, travel through mountains and rivers, forge ahead bravely, actively implement the spirit of the second Seventh Shareholders'Meeting of the Group, firmly grasp the key of "seeking change, transformation, risk prevention and high quality", always maintain strategic determination, calmly respond to various risks and challenges, withstand the test of various severe situations and complex situations, and demonstrate the courage of Kai'an people to face challenges and take on responsibilities. Keeping a solid and self-perfecting temperament and talent ensures the sustained and steady development of Qian'an Daye. Here, I would like to express my sincere thanks to our colleagues in Kai'an who work together in the same boat and are "in harmony with the team".
Successful, high-ranking and enterprising. In 2018, Qian'an people came happily, and their achievements were not simple.
We scientifically adhere to the concept of "striving for progress in a stable way", are good at grasping the trend of national policy, and make every effort to expand territory, consolidate traditions and carry forward characteristics. All regions, branches and project departments have made great efforts to tap the potential, pool wisdom and cultivate the market carefully, showing a gratifying trend of the old company's courage for development and the new company's enthusiasm for development, thus forming a thriving business pattern and a hundred boats. With the vivid situation of competition flow, the annual construction output value and the newly signed contract amount have reached a record high, with gratifying achievements and fruitful results, and the goal of "Qi'an Dream" of 10 billion output value is within reach. To this end, I would like to sincerely thank the Qian'an colleagues who are keen to work hard and "publicize their personality".
Creative and brilliant. In 2018, Qian'an people came proudly and won extraordinary honors.
We are good at listening to the pulsation of building modernization, making great efforts to promote innovation and creating excellence. Our competitiveness has been continuously strengthened. We have won four national architectural awards throughout the year (Wuxi Lihu Xiangzhang Garden won the Luban Prize for China Construction Engineering, Tianjin Zhongdian Shenglow volt project and Ya'an Health Planning Service Center project won the National Quality Engineering Prize, and Zhangjiagang PPG coating project won the "China Installation Prize". Star"), won 18 national, provincial and municipal QC achievement awards, 15 provincial and ministerial high-quality projects and a large number of civilized construction sites, standardization projects, benchmarking projects, new technology application awards, in the traditional electromechanical, foreign capital, petrochemical, medical, photovoltaic, housing construction, and even airport terminals, low-temperature tank construction and many other fields, to create excellent records, dedicate masterpieces. At the same time, the company continues to maintain the leading position in installation category of top 100 enterprises in Jiangsu construction industry, becoming the only "ninth consecutive champion" in the province, and has won a series of honorary titles such as "National Excellent Construction Enterprise" and "National Trustworthiness Typical Enterprise" for 14 consecutive times. Therefore, I would like to sincerely thank the pioneering and enterprising colleagues of Kai'an who advocate innovation.
Found soul and cultivate culture. In 2018, Qian'an people came here confidently and promoted unusual management.
We always put the deepening of corporate management and the promotion of corporate culture in a strategic position. The corporate culture continues to be beautiful, leading the industry. At home and abroad, the project site glorifies the party flag, conveys warmth, and expresses responsibility and responsibility to society with great love and kindness. The group's basic management has been continuously strengthened. No matter the improvement of safety and quality system, the standardization of engineering construction technology, the deepening of comprehensive inspection, or the construction of information technology, real-name system pilot, financial practice guidance, skills competition and job training, all of them are organized and orderly, with prominent themes and remarkable results. Therefore, I would like to express my sincere thanks to comrades of Kai'an who are willing to devote themselves and "uphold tradition".

One yuan starts again, adding years; everything is renewed, long spirit. Looking back on the hard struggle of the past year at the time of the new year and the arrival of New Year's Day, we can't help but feel trendy and full of thoughts. Looking forward to the bright and hopeful year of 2019, people are even more magnificent and exciting.
2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the key year for us to pursue the "Qi'an Dream". It is very important to do a good job in the new year. In the new year, guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, we should implement the new development concept, maintain strategic patience, firmly grasp the six key words of "striving for progress steadily, preventing and controlling risks, strengthening quality and security, cultivating talents, reforming and innovating, and developing with high quality". We should learn from historical experience and lessons, constantly strive for self-improvement, and cherish the hard-won achievements. Good development situation, take good care of and cultivate Qian'an brand; take the new shareholders'meeting as an opportunity to promote innovation, stimulate vitality, empower high-quality, and continue to consolidate the management foundation of the group; adhere to problem-oriented, emphasize bottom-line thinking, enhance the awareness of hardship and benefit, further improve the safety and quality management system, and focus on the project to firmly quality and safety management. The cage should strengthen the consciousness of awe, law and discipline, responsibility and regulation, strengthen the prevention and control of various risks, improve the political position of enterprises, understand the current situation, stress management, firmly establish "four consciousness", firm "four self-confidence", resolutely achieve "two safeguards", stimulate the Kai'an culture, work together with the boat, strive to be the first, and strive to promote the cause of Kai'an to a high-quality development. Voyage.
Pay tribute to the new era and start again in the spring. Standing at the starting point of this new year in 2019, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and best wishes to all Qian'an employees and their families, as well as to all Qian'an people, to leaders at all levels, all walks of life and friendly and cooperative units who have long cared for and supported the development of Qian'an in Jiangsu, especially in times of adversity in Qian'an. Wishing all Qian'an people a happy New Year, a good life and a good life! uuuuuuuuuuu May Qian'an, Jiangsu, develop steadily, have a long career and prosper!

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