Write a good personal work diary to improve personal work efficiency

Write a good personal work diary to improve personal work efficiency

By using the OA online personal work diary function launched by the group in May, personal work efficiency has greatly improved and improved in just a few months.
One is to complete daily work plan goals through diaries, such as completing flight inspection tasks for 5 projects, creating promotional PPTs and training content, approving plans for major hazardous projects, conducting daily safety inspections for video surveillance projects, and setting small daily work plan goals to be completed one by one, forming a positive feedback mechanism.
The second is to extract and summarize one's own thoughts through diary writing, such as the methodology of safety management, the importance of safety materials, the concept of intrinsic safety, reward and punishment measures, the principle of empathy in safety management, and the principle of seeking common ground while reserving differences in safety management.
The third is to use diary entries to record key events in work as reminders of things that were not done at the time and what needs to be done later, such as the time and content of major inspections and flight inspections in the first and second half of the year, as well as insights, mid year and year-end summaries, and a summary of some experiences and lessons learned.
The fourth is to record the improvement of personal work ability and skills through diaries, such as recording videos of risk identification, operating videos of smart construction sites, and communicating eloquently at work.
The fifth is to do daily reflection and reflection through diaries. The ancients also said that we should reflect on ourselves three times a day. Any work or thing done should be summarized, reviewed, and areas that were not done well should be corrected in a timely manner. Shortcomings should be corrected. Only by continuously iterating and optimizing one's work style, abilities, and ideas can one be competitive in an increasingly competitive environment.
In general, using information technology methods to write personal work diaries, recording daily work content, ideological summaries, and other content, greatly improves personal work efficiency, and also enables group leaders to have an overall understanding and grasp of work in various lines and regions, enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises and individuals, and better survival and development in the increasingly fierce building environment. (Qiu Jinkun)

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