Knowledge of Party Constitution: the position and function of the Party Constitution

  Knowledge of Party Constitution: the position and function of the Party Constitution
As the saying goes, no rules, no, Cheng Fangyuan. Party constitution is the fundamental law of the party and the fundamental code of conduct that the whole Party must abide by. It embodies the basic theory and political views of the party and embodies the collective will and principles of the party.
If you want to become a party member, you must first recognize the party's programs and articles of association. If you are a party member, it is your duty and solemn duty to seriously study the party constitution and strictly observe the party constitution. Remember the oath of joining the party? "I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China, support the party's program, abide by the party's constitution and fulfil the obligations of Party members......"
In 1922, at the second National Congress of the party, the first party constitution was born. Over the past 90 years, the constitution has been amended 16 times improve, absorb significant practical results, the party's theory, the system makes the constitution to keep pace with the times, always results in promoting the career of the party, strengthen the party's construction plays an important role.
We are implementing the party constitution, the party's eighteenth National Congress amended by part, composed of master and the 11 chapter 53, we defined the nature of the party, the guiding ideology, principles, routes, organization principles and organization, Party members and the rights and obligations of Party discipline and so on.
The party constitution is discussed and adopted by the National Congress of the party. It has the highest authority and the greatest binding force. It is the general rule for administering the party. Therefore, the general rules of the party constitution stand up, and other disciplinary rules are easy to stand up. Now, some party members and cadres are out of question and have a common cause, that is, they do not learn the party constitution and forget the party constitution. They do not take the party constitution seriously.
Now, you should understand the position and function of the party constitution! Therefore, as a member of the party, you must learn the party constitution, respect the party constitution, observe the party constitution and safeguard the party constitution. This is the most basic requirement, and it is also the duty of the rule of law. How should we learn the party constitution and carry out the Party Constitution?
First of all, we must read the original text and fully grasp the basic content of the party constitution. You can learn from the party constitution, reading, counseling CD, etc., to deepen understanding of the party constitution. Of course, combine the party history and reality to understand and comprehend the party constitution thoroughly.
The school constitution should not be limited to understanding the provisions. What's more, the brain goes into the heart and goes out of the way! Whether it is usual or problems encountered, use the standard of Party membership, and remind yourself of the responsibilities and obligations of Party members. Only the provisions of the constitution to implement specific actions, achieve unity of ideals and beliefs, to strengthen political awareness, establish a breeze righteousness and courage as truly worthy of the title of the communist. (source: Communist Party of China, WeChat)

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