[history] raised his right fist, face red flag, since the founding of the CPC Party oath changes

  [history] raised his right fist, face red flag, since the founding of the CPC Party oath changes
The oath of joining the party is an important content of the constitution of the Communist Party of China. It is a solemn political commitment to the party and the people when Party members join the party. It is also the oath and motto for the party members to struggle for the whole life and devote themselves to the cause of the party. Reading the oath, keeping in mind the oath, maintaining the oath and fulfilling the oath are the basic requirements of the party for every Party member and cadre.
In September 1982, the constitution of the Communist Party of China, which was adopted by the twelve largest party, stipulated the content of the oath of joining the party, which was the first time in the history of the party. Prior to this, our party although not for the oath to join the party in the party constitution expressly, but if the conditions permit, the party's grassroots organizations in the development of Party members, the general should organize the party oath ceremony, and formed with different characteristics in different historical periods of the party oath.

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