Feelings of rotational internship

Time flies, inadvertently, our new group of college students into the group company for four and a half months. Although not completely retired from the students, but has more than a few points of maturity in the workplace. The old saying says, "It's not pleasant to learn and learn from time to time." Summarizing and reviewing what I have learned in four and a half months'rotation can draw wisdom and strength for me to take a good career path in the future.
During my college years, I focused on the study of strong current control system, and took most of the courses of weak current control system. But after joining the company, I obviously feel that I have no ability in vocational skills and knowledge. In the rotation of the Department of Construction, Group Safety Director Zhang Yue prepared a company's safety production management regulations for me to familiarize myself with. This is an entry-level book in Zhang's opinion, because the regulations are "refined" from experience and lessons, as a "recruit's egg", I have to rely on the Internet to find relevant case photos in order to reluctantly understand. I can't help sighing: I always feel shallow on paper, and I know nothing about it.
The Enterprise Management Department is mainly responsible for the preservation, loan and use of enterprise qualification and personnel certificates, as well as the archiving of information on various projects. Because the data filing is faster, so I have a high degree of participation in the enterprise management department. During this period, we also carried out on-the-spot skill level assessment with the Department leaders, escorts, social bureaus and other departments. We had a preliminary impression of the regional companies and branch companies in the group, and were familiar with the construction situation of various sites, and gained a lot.
This month, I am in the market development department to study rotation. Manager Gong of the Department is a rigorous and careful supervisor. His work is meticulous. After completion, he will check in detail, point out the inappropriate points and ask for warning. During this period, Manager Gong explained to me the division of labor and contacts among the various departments of the group, demonstrated the use of database and budget software, and let me watch and learn how to fill in when the employees of the branch company use the project declaration system, so that I have a deep understanding of the progress of the project.
Headquarters rotation is a valuable experience for me, so I have a good understanding of the company as a whole. However, due to the rush of time, many jobs are difficult to grasp by themselves, and they are ashamed to fail to share their worries with department leaders.
Learning is like a tall building. We must start from the foundation and consolidate the foundation before we can survive. I also look forward to the forthcoming internship of Engineering projects. At this time, we should go to the construction site to consolidate the foundation, improve our skills, and finally choose a direction to study. Only then can we have the opportunity to become the mainstay of the company's forward trend. This is also the responsibility that we college students need to shoulder to the enterprise and ourselves. (Chen Yujie)

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