Respect to Kai'an Safety Person on the Front Line of Struggle

It's you, rushing to the front line, inspecting and inspecting, exhausted.
It's you, when danger comes, calmly deal with it, and extinguish it.
It is you, ordinary post, silent dedication, no complaints and no regrets.
It's you who make a big difference day and night, regardless of fame and fortune.
You know, safety is more important than Mount Tai.
You know, security escort business.
You know, safe care for all families.
You know, security is everything.
Honest you: In the face of violations, adhere to safety standards, not afraid to offend others, do not leave the hidden dangers of accidents.
Adhere to you: do a good job every moment, implement every inspection, health and safety enterprises, you have all the way to maintain.
Efforts you: the implementation of standardized safety management, zero casualties, zero accidents, is the safety goal you have been striving to pursue.
You who act: There is no way to control danger once and for all, but you who never stop taking positive actions.
Optimistic you: danger check, bitterness taste, joy, anger, sadness carry.
Powerful You: Eliminate all excuses, take the initiative to assume responsibility, strengthen yourself, is to eliminate danger.
Sunshine you: behind the incomprehension, or even blame, choose a clear conscience, everything is safe enough.
Brave You: The security problems in front of you will only arouse your courage and strength to overcome them.
Cherish you: don't wait to be hurt to comfort, don't wait to leave before you know how to cherish, missed the present, leaving only regret.
Wisdom of you: afraid of what will come, in the face of hidden dangers, the most terrible is to hide your ears and steal the bell and arrest your hands. (Gu Yong)

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Group Shanghai Company to Carry out Special Safety Inspection Before the Festival

At the end of January, the Group Shanghai Company organized a special pre-holiday safety inspection for regional key projects. The inspection team came to Shanghai Wangyuan Building Hotel Decoration General Contracting Project and Shanghai Midea Global Innovation Park Project successively to check the safety special construction plan, emergency plan, safety disclosure, training and other contents, and to inspect the on-site mechanical equipment, temporary electricity consumption, quality safety morning meeting records, and temporary entrance protection at the edge of the cave. The inspection team requires the project department to do a good job of shutdown and self-inspection during the Spring Festival, do a good job in fire prevention, waterproof and anti-theft measures, and strictly implement the group's relevant requirements for safe production at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, so as to provide strong support for the group company to maintain a stable safety situation. (Shanghai Company)

The group company successfully won the bid for the 115WM agricultural photovoltaic complementary power generation project

In mid January, good news came from the photovoltaic market, and the group company successfully won the bid for the photovoltaic field and collection line general contracting project (EPC) of the 115MW agricultural photovoltaic complementary photovoltaic power generation project in Tianzihu Town, Anji County, Zhejiang Province

The group's Dongguan cross-border e-commerce Qiying Express project has been inspected by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban Rural Development

On January 11th, the Dongguan cross-border e-commerce Qiying Express project undertaken by the group company underwent a major safety and quality inspection by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban Rural Development.

Group Jinrun provides advanced guidance on the development of Shanghai Wangyuan Hotel's high-end decoration project

Group Jinrun provides advanced guidance on the development of Shanghai Wangyuan Hotel's high-end decoration project

Jinrun Branch of the Group Delivers Brilliant Business Performance Answers

Looking back at 2023, the overall environment of the construction industry was extremely difficult.

The group company won the bid for the Guanggang Gas LNG Cold Energy Comprehensive Utilization Air Separation Project

At the beginning of the new year, the Nantong regional open market of the group welcomed a good start and successfully won the bid for the construction and installation project of the LNG cold energy comprehensive utilization air separation project of Guangzhou Iron and Steel Gas (Nantong) Co., Ltd.,