Qi'an uses actions to convey warmth and love

  It has been over 5 months since cataract surgery was completed,and Bao Xingchong,a villager from Aixin Village in Huilong Town,has returned to his former life.At the age of 70,he has been suffering from cataracts for many years and is basically unable to work,with relatively difficult family conditions.With the help of Qi'an Guangming Fund,Bao Xingchong successfully completed cataract surgery.Thank you to the Qi'an Guangming Fund for allowing me to see the light again,"Bao Xingchong boasted to everyone.

  The"Qi'an Guangming Fund"was jointly established by the Municipal Red Cross Society and Qi'an Group,with Qi'an Group donating 500000 yuan and the Municipal Red Cross Society allocating appropriate funds.As of June this year,nearly 400 free screening sessions have been conducted in the city,and more than 4500 promotional materials on eye disease prevention and control have been distributed.With an investment of over 600000 yuan,Professor Li Guanghui from the Red Cross Hospital-the Municipal People's Hospital has implemented public welfare surgeries for over 220 difficult family cataract and other eye disease patients in the city,bringing them light and allowing them to enjoy"visible happiness".

  Qi'an Construction Group is a construction and installation enterprise with a history of over 60 years in our city.In the journey of transitioning to the snowy regions of the Yangtze River,the north and south,and the plateau,we firmly hold onto the safety red line of enterprise development and growth,build a monument with each project,and become the"victorious general"of the Nantong Iron Army.Since 2009,the company has been awarded the first place in the installation category of Jiangsu Province's"Top 100 Construction Enterprises"for 14 consecutive years,and has been awarded a series of honorary titles such as"Integrity Typical Enterprise"and"AAA Credit Enterprise"in China for consecutive years.

  Enterprises are not only"economic people",but also bearers of social responsibility.While becoming bigger and stronger,Qi'an actively takes on social responsibility and selflessly gives back to society.Promote positive energy in your hometown and project location,and actively participate in local charity projects through various means.Over the years,the company has donated over ten million yuan in donations and materials to fight against the epidemic,targeted poverty alleviation,donation for education,Bright Action,paired assistance,and new rural construction.

  In February 2020,to assist in epidemic prevention and control,the company donated 1 million yuan to the Municipal Red Cross Society.During this period,the group donated over 5 million yuan in funds and materials to its hometown,project location,and related hospitals,and built and installed over 2000 medical observation rooms in Xinjiang.On March 25,2021,the company sent personnel to five families located in Haifu,Hezuo,Jiulong,Beixin,and Weijiao to officially launch the renovation of the"Dream House",with a donation of over 100000 yuan.In August 2022,we supported the healthcare industry in Tongren City,Qinghai Province by donating an ambulance worth 100000 yuan.In April 2023,the group company organized the"One Heart Joint Cultivation of Pomegranate Seeds"and united efforts to promote the opening of"Gesang Flowers".This event was initiated by the group Qi'an,Tibet,to provide assistance in various aspects such as life,study,and employment for Tibetan students in Qi'an

  For decades,Qi'an Construction Group has earned a good reputation from the people with every bit of action,and has won honorary titles such as the"Qidong Charity Award","Most Caring Donation Enterprise","Jiangsu Red Cross Charity Award",and"China Red Cross Dedication Medal".

  To do public welfare,we must adhere to it.In the future,while valuing our own development,Qi'an Construction Group will never forget our original intention,actively give back to society,practice public welfare with practical actions,carry out good deeds to the end,and showcase the new style of'successful enterprises'in the new era."said Yin Weidong,Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Jiangsu Qi'an Construction Group Co.,Ltd.(Source:Qidong released on September 3,2023)

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