Chasing the Peak of the Dream Plateau "Leaving One or Two Useful Career"

  Chasing the Peak of the Dream Plateau"Leaving One or Two Useful Career"

  This year marks the 170th anniversary of Mr.Zhang Jian's birth.If one or two useful causes are left behind,that is,they will grow together with the vegetation and not rot together with the vegetation.The precious spiritual wealth left by the sages inspires millions of merchants to embark on a new journey and contribute to a new era.On the snowy plateau 4000 kilometers away,a private enterprise that has emerged from Zhang Jian's hometown has worked hard to integrate the spirit of patriotism,innovation,and responsibility into practical actions to serve the development of Tibet.It has written a dynamic footnote on the snowy plateau to practice Zhang Jian's entrepreneurial spirit.

  Crossing Mountains and Seas,Iron Army Achieves Merit on the Plateau

  In the highest national level economic and technological development zone at sea level-Lhasa Economic and Technological Development Zone,a group of powerful enterprises are active.Tibet Construction Technology from Nantong is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding companies in terms of performance.This year,the company has just won the"National May Day Labor Award".

  Back in 2012,Lhasa's unprecedented heating renovation construction project was launched.Jiangsu Qi'an Construction Group,a construction iron army located in Nantong,Jiangsu,seized this opportunity and completed the heating renovation of more than 20000 households in 17 residential communities and 3 public buildings in Lhasa,accounting for 45%of the heating renovation projects in the city.

  The"model style"engineering quality and speed have made the Nantong Construction Iron Army famous in Lhasa,and have also provided opportunities for the development of the Qi'an people in Tibet.

  In the following decade,Qi'an established a branch in Tibet and established Tibet Construction Technology Co., 2016,taking root in Tibet and building Tibet,turning a new page for the enterprise.

  Who is willing to sacrifice oneself to interpret the feelings of family and country

  Entering Tibet Construction Technology,project display boards showcase the brilliant achievements of the Qi'an people in the snowy plateau.

  Shigatse Dingri Airport,which has been in operation for less than a year,has undertaken all projects except for the runway.At an altitude of 4316.5 meters,with high temperatures,hypoxia,and strong winds,this place is like a"forbidden zone for life",and the difficulties of construction are beyond imagination.

  In winter,the temperature drops to around minus 20 degrees Celsius,and in the afternoon,strong winds of 8 to 10 levels often blow on the construction site,forcing workers to stop work.The environment is harsh,the construction period is relatively short,the material transportation distance is long,the construction difficulty is high,and the efficiency of personnel and machinery is severely reduced.The people of Qi'an cruelly gnawed down this hard bone with iron will.What others cannot do is what we do,"is the core positioning of Qi'an people towards themselves.

  Nowadays,the high plateau airport at the foot of Mount Everest has been put into use,playing an important role in the transportation and socio-economic development of the autonomous region.

  Following closely the development needs of Tibet,from the construction of border markets to the ecological relocation project on the plateau,from the construction of agricultural ecological projects to the construction of tourism projects,the pace of Qi'an people's construction in the vast snowy areas has extended from the city to the border.

  Spread out the map of Tibet and say,'This year's major project is in Loza County,which is the location of the border.'Shen Yan,Deputy General Manager of Qi'an Construction Group Co.,Ltd.and Chairman of Tibet Tibet Construction Technology Co.,Ltd,A circle is drawn at the southern border line of Tibet:"Serving the wealthy and strengthening the border work,many of our projects are completed under extremely harsh construction conditions,many of which are urgent,difficult,and difficult tasks.Without the spirit of sacrificing oneself to others,without a sense of compassion,we cannot achieve it

  The"scholar bears the responsibility of the country",closely follows the national strategy,serves local needs,and resonates with the development of the Tibetan region.The people of Qi'an have integrated Zhang Jian's patriotism and dedication into the footsteps of building Tibet.Shen Yan said,"Serving the development of Tibet is not only an opportunity we have found for development,but also our mission

  Dare to be the first to climb the innovative"Mount Everest"

  In the southeastern border area of Tibet,surrounded by mountains,a brand new standardized village has emerged.This is the Mi Lin Ru resettlement housing project,all of which are prefabricated buildings developed by Tibet Construction Technology.

  In the production workshop of Tibet Construction Technology,prefabricated components are being manufactured on standardized production lines.These components can be directly lifted and assembled on the construction site,just like building blocks to build a house.

  Compared to traditional buildings,prefabricated buildings have a high degree of mechanization,factory production is not affected by adverse weather and other natural environments,and energy consumption is low,making them green and environmentally friendly.

  Qi'an people dare to take the lead and bring prefabricated buildings to the plateau.In order to maximize the advantages of their products,enterprises continue to innovate,accelerate product upgrades,and gradually become leaders in the field of prefabricated construction on the plateau.As an enterprise from Zhang Jian's hometown,we should adhere to the innovative spirit of'independently opening up new paths',"said Shen Yan.

  Adhering to the concept of innovative development,Qi'an people have taken Tibet Construction Technology as the starting point for transformation and upgrading,achieving a magnificent transformation from traditional construction enterprises to technology-based enterprises.Continuously increasing research and development efforts,Tibet Construction Technology has obtained 4 invention patents and 51 utility model patents,and has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and a national prefabricated construction industry base.

  Practicing Social Responsibility by"Assisting the World Simultaneously"

  The greatest business is for the country and the people.While focusing on development,the people of Qi'an have built a strong sense of community among the Chinese nation,never forgetting their responsibilities and missions.

  When designing parameters,it is important to pay attention to accuracy,"said Dan Zengbu,a Tibetan college student who has just joined Tibet Construction Technology and is currently receiving business guidance.Due to the optimistic development prospects of the enterprise,Danzeng Rob's first stop for employment chose Tibet Construction Technology:"The enterprise provides us with various training opportunities in work,and the care in life also makes us feel warm.I think there is a great future here

  For many years,Tibet Construction Technology has spared no effort in promoting the employment and talent cultivation of Tibetan compatriots.Currently,the proportion of Tibetan employees in enterprises is 30%,and a total of 154 Tibetan university students have been admitted.

  Dejikangsa is a large-scale community with multi-ethnic integration,and also a party building and co construction unit of Tibet Construction Technology.Through employment assistance,donations for education,and volunteer services,enterprises and communities work together to enhance national unity and build a happy home.We have done a lot of practical things in party building and ethnic unity,and are a responsible and responsible enterprise."Ping Cuo Wangdui,Secretary of the Party Committee of Dejikangsa Community Neighborhood Committee in Lhasa Economic and Technological Development Zone,hopes that we will jointly carry out more party building and co construction activities,strengthen ethnic exchanges and integration

  In the snowy plateau,the people of Qi'an have taken root in Tibet and nurtured Tibet,actively practicing social responsibility.Li Xianfei,Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Lhasa Economic and Technological Development Zone,said,"Tibet Construction Technology has played an important role in the construction of livelihood projects,solving employment problems for Tibetan compatriots,and promoting charitable and public welfare undertakings.It has also contributed to the taxation of the development zone.We have also felt the entrepreneurial spirit of Zhang Jian,who constantly innovates and bravely assumes social responsibility in enterprises

  This year,Shen Yan,Chairman of Tibet Construction Technology,was elected as the President of the Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce in Tibet.It is understood that the Chamber of Commerce has developed nearly 200 member units,including more than 30 enterprises in Nantong.To unite and serve our private enterprises in Jiangsu and Tibet well,"Shen Yan planned the work of the Chamber of Commerce."We will learn from our predecessors together,strive to become Zhang Jian style entrepreneurs in the new era,and contribute to the high-quality development of Tibet while developing our enterprises

  The mountains are towering,the rivers are surging,and the people of Qi'an cherish their country,innovate and strive,and take on dedication.Their construction footprint on the snowy plateau is still continuously expanding.

  Looking back on the ten years since Qi'an entered Tibet,it has been a decade of responding to the call of the country,actively seeking change,and fulfilling the responsibility of the times."Yin Weidong,Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Jiangsu Qi'an Construction Group Co.,Ltd.,said,"We will continue to promote Zhang Jian's entrepreneurial spirit,and contribute the wisdom and strength of our Nantong Iron Army in assisting border construction and serving the development of Tibet

Group Chairman Yin Weidong Interviewed

Mi Linru Resettlement Housing Project

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