Qi'an Craftsman Building Boutique - Report from the construction site of the Diageo Eryuan Whiskey Distillery project

Qi'an Craftsman Building Boutique
- Report from the construction site of the Diageo Eryuan Whiskey Distillery project

The most beautiful June day in the world, summer is full of fragrance. At the foot of Luoping Mountain in Eryuan County, Yunnan Province, China, a world-class single malt whisky distillery is about to emerge here. In early June, the group's News Highlights Interview Team walked into the project construction site to experience the style of Qi'an craftsmen creating world-class architectural masterpieces up close.
Pu Yu Encounters Legendary Flowers Falling in Prosperity
Eryuan culture is brilliant, ancient and magical, and it is the birthplace of the plateau pearl Erhai. Yang Liping, famous for her "peacock dance," was born here. The Fengyu Ancient Town under its jurisdiction is a famous historical town in China. With picturesque mountains and clear waters, it is known as a "paradise" and "a hundred birds facing the phoenix". In June 2022, this magical Eastern classical jade met the Western Scottish legend. Diageo, the world's number one foreign wine manufacturer, has opened a new chapter here by building a world-class whiskey distillery.
First, get to know Diageo. Diageo, from the UK, is a Fortune 500 company listed on the New York and London stock exchanges, and is also a leading high-end liquor group in the world. It has a range of liquor brands spanning distilled spirits, wine, and beer, with over 220000 employees in over 80 countries and regions worldwide, and holds over 30% of the global liquor market share. As early as 1910, its subsidiary brand, Johnnie Walker, first came to China. Since 1938, Johnnie Walker's advertisements have appeared in Chinese street newspapers. In recent years, it has successfully acquired the Chinese high-end Baijiu brand Shuijingfang.
Whiskey is a distilled liquor made from grains, water, and yeast. The word 'whisky' originates from the Gaelic word 'uisgebeatha' or 'usquebaugh', meaning 'water of life'. Therefore, Diageo has extremely strict requirements for water quality.
About 6 kilometers away from the project, there is a source of natural living water - "Sanye Spring". Along the mountain road, we found the 'San Ye Spring'. But in the midst of the spring forest and splashing rocks, the spring water is gurgling and clear to the bottom. Zhang Shulan, a 50 year old Bai ethnic woman, speaks happily. I spent 3500 yuan to purchase this place, and I still gave the name of Sanye Spring. A few years ago, my superiors accompanied two foreigners to Sanye Spring. They observed the spring water and tasted the local wine I brewed with the spring water, repeatedly saying 'Good'
Diageo has almost strict regulations for all its brands and has its own unique expression on how to integrate into the cultural customs of different countries. Guided by this philosophy, Diageo is particularly cautious and strict in selecting project construction units.
In fact, it is expected that Diageo chose Jiangsu Qi'an Maosheng International Engineering Branch to undertake the construction of Eryuan Whiskey Distillery. On December 7, 2022, the Sichuan Emeishan Whiskey Distillery project undertaken by Maosheng won the first prize of "ENR". ENR (Engineering News Record), translated as "Engineering News Record" in Chinese, is the most authoritative academic journal in the global engineering construction field and is affiliated with McGraw Hill Corporation in the United States. ENR

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