Safety precautions for scissor lift trucks

Safety precautions for scissor lift trucks

The scissor fork lift truck is a widely used specialized equipment for high-altitude operations. Its scissor fork mechanical structure provides high stability for lifting on the lifting platform. The wide working platform allows for a wider range of high-altitude operations, and its high load-bearing capacity is suitable for multiple people working simultaneously. It has significant characteristics such as safety, reliability, convenient movement, and improved work efficiency. In recent years, in addition to foreign-funded projects of the group, many domestic projects have used scissor lift trucks to replace ladders and mobile operating platforms for high-altitude operations. Although the intrinsic safety of scissor lift trucks is relatively high, there are still safety risks such as electric shock, tipping, falling, and collision if used improperly. The following safety precautions should be strictly controlled.
Precautions before use
1. Before the scissor lift truck enters the site, the project department should assign a dedicated person to conduct a systematic inspection. In addition to checking the completeness of inspection reports, mechanical insurance and other materials, it is also necessary to conduct a detailed inspection of the actual operation status of the scissor lift truck to ensure that it can be used normally. After that, it is necessary to keep the necessary information and apply to the supervision unit for entry inspection.
2. Employees must undergo training and authorization before operation, be clear and familiar with relevant operating procedures and safety precautions, and can only issue operation certificates after passing the certification.
3. The unit responsible for training and authorization must obtain relevant training and maintenance authorization from the manufacturer.
4. The project department should conduct safety technical disclosure to users to ensure that only certified personnel can use it.
Precautions during use
1. Electric shock hazard. When there are live cables on the scissor lift truck, it is prohibited to operate until the power cord is cut off; It is strictly prohibited to operate when there is lightning or storm in the working environment; Do not use the scissor lift truck as a grounding wire during welding operations; Operators must maintain sufficient safety distance from live conductors.
2. Danger of tipping over. It is strictly prohibited to walk when the scissor lift truck is in the lifting position; The lifting and retracting actions of the platform need to be operated on a level, solid, and flat ground; Do not use the tilt alarm as a horizontal indicator. When extending, rotating, or lifting the platform, if the alarm sounds a warning sound, it should be retracted and lowered in a timely manner; When driving on sloping, soft, uneven, or slippery ground, the operator must pay special attention and maintain a slow speed, while not operating the lifting and retracting actions of the platform; It is prohibited to place ladders, block bricks, wooden springboards, etc. on the platform to increase the working height of the platform; Confirm that the tires are in good condition and that all parts of the vehicle are in their normal positions and fully locked. Overloading or using a scissor lift truck as a jack or crane is strictly prohibited.
3. Fall hazard. To prevent personnel from falling during work, operators must wear qualified personal protective equipment, hang the safety belt hook firmly on the platform guardrail, and try to hang the safety belt hook firmly on the solid hanging points above the pipeline, bracket, etc. as much as possible during operation; When the scissor lift truck is in a raised state, it is not allowed to climb the operating platform and avoid leaning, sitting, or climbing the platform guardrail; Keep both feet standing on the platform for operation, and do not stand on the platform guardrail or work outside the guardrail; Close the platform entrance door and ensure that the guardrail is in a locked state.
4. Collision hazard: When operating or driving a scissor lift truck, leave

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