Multiple grassroots party branches organize themed party day activities

Multiple grassroots party branches organize themed party day activities
From July 16th to 26th, grassroots party branches such as the Shanghai Company, Suzhou Company, Jinrun Branch, and Shishi Company of the Group organized a themed party day activity titled "Loyalty, Clean Responsibility, Providing Strong Spiritual Motivation for the Group Company to Bravely Overcome Difficulties, Resolve Hazards, and Develop Resiliently". During the event, party members and comrades carefully watched the themed party day activity courseware issued by the group party committee, exchanged their insights on watching the film and their understanding of loyalty, cleanliness, and responsibility, and further strengthened their party spirit and original intention through the Red Path mini program VR visit to the Red Education Base. The secretaries of grassroots party branches require party members and cadres to strictly comply with the new requirements proposed by Party Secretary Yin Weidong for loyalty, cleanliness, and responsibility, closely combine with work reality, be down-to-earth, brave in taking responsibility, overcome difficulties, and use practical work to gather more positive energy and add more new momentum for the group company's transformation and resilient development.
On July 28th and 29th, the party branch of the group's Jinyinhao branch and the Beijing regional joint party branch organized a themed party day activity. The party members and active members of Jinyinhao branch carefully watched and listened to the activity courseware issued by the group party committee, and expressed that whether they are party members or not, they should be based on their positions, loyal and reliable, hold the bottom line, and dare to take responsibility, making due contributions to the group company's brave and resilient development. The Beijing Regional United Party Branch organized 18 party members and active party members to visit Lugou Bridge and the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japan Memorial Hall, which marked the first shot in China's War of Resistance Against Japan, to further strengthen party spirit cultivation and enhance political quality. After jointly learning the spirit of the video speech by Yin Weidong, the Secretary of the Group Party Committee, Lu Weihong, the Secretary of the Party Branch, requested the attendees to deeply understand the significance of the Group Party Committee organizing this themed Party Day activity, further enhance the exemplary role of party members in their positions, and lead frontline employees to provide more energy for the resilient development of the Group Company.
On the afternoon of July 31st, more than 20 party members and active party members were organized by the group's Limeng Duo branch to carry out the "Loyalty, Cleanliness, and Responsibility" themed party day activity. All members watched the activity courseware issued by the group party committee together, and under the leadership of the person in charge, Xu Hao, reviewed the oath of joining the party to the party flag. Xu Hao requires all employees to remember loyalty, hold the bottom line, be willing to take responsibility, and provide more positive energy for the survival and resilience development of the group company through down-to-earth work in all aspects. (Shanghai Company, Suzhou Company, Jinrun Branch, Shishi Company, Jinyinhao Branch, Beijing Company, Limondo Branch)

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