The grand opening of Costco, a general contractor of the group company in Pudong

The grand opening of Costco, a general contractor of the group company in Pudong

On March 10th, Costco, the construction general contractor of the group company, grandly opened in Pudong. Executive Vice President Zhang Jian and Vice President Yin Weibiao of the group were invited to participate in the celebration event. This project is the second Costco project invested and constructed by the world retail giant Costco in Shanghai, and it is also the first public construction general contracting project of the group company in the Shanghai region. The group Maosheng International Engineering Branch in charge of the construction has established an experienced project management team. In the past two years, it has overcome many adverse factors, such as the COVID-19, continuous high temperature, extreme weather, etc., and adopted new technologies and new processes, such as the domestic leading "warehouse jumping method", in deep foundation pit operations, super large mirror floor, and fair faced concrete construction, whether for quality control or safety management, Both have won high praise from Tod, the global engineering director of Costco, the owner. During the critical period of the project, Maosheng International Engineering Branch adopted BIM technology combined with prefabrication and assembly, continuously accelerating the construction progress, and completed the project completion acceptance in advance, creating sufficient conditions for the smooth opening of the project for the owner, demonstrating the technical advantages, team advantages, and general contracting management ability of Jiangsu Qi'an. Yin Weibiao, the person in charge of Maosheng International Engineering Branch, stated that the high-quality construction of the Pudong opening customer project has laid a good foundation for participating in Costco's investment in building more opening customer stores in China in the future. Maosheng will further expand the market breadth and depth of foreign investment by continuously improving its management level, and contribute more efforts to the transformation and upgrading of the group company and achieving high-quality development. (Maosheng International Engineering Branch)



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Multiple regional companies organize learning and promote the spirit of the group's mid year work conference

On September 2nd, Tianjin Company held a mid year work meeting in a "online+offline" manner, with the participation of key management personnel from regional subsidiaries and project departments. Regional leader Zhang Fenghua thoroughly interpreted the mid year work report made by the chairman, summarized the work in the first half of the year in Tianjin, and deployed the key work in the next stage

Pursuing project benefits with innovative awareness

According to the project leader in Dongguan, from the moment the project was awarded the bid, the subsidiary began project planning. In response to many unfavorable factors such as large engineering volume, tight construction period, and small overlapping gaps between various construction processes, repeated optimization and consideration of the construction process plans on the key routes of the processes were carried out, striving to achieve economic optimization under the premise of meeting the schedule. The column construction lantern frame mentioned in this article is one of the innovative results of project planning, We are currently preparing to apply for a national patent.

The grassroots units of the group learn and promote the spirit of the mid year work conference

On September 3rd, Jinwei Branch held a mid year work meeting to learn and promote the spirit of the group's mid year work meeting. The person in charge of the branch, Chen Yongfu, gave a themed report titled "Fine Management Practice Internal Skills, Load Carrying Forward and Seek Development" in accordance with the spirit of the report by the chairman of the group. He requested that the branch focus on implementing assessment mechanisms for on-site safety and quality, warehouse management, and tool management, while actively improving their own abilities and qualities, training new employees, and accumulating energy and making contributions to the resilient development of the group company. (Tibet Qi'an, Guangdong Company, Jinwei Branch)

Group Jinrun Branch Holds Midyear Work Conference

Overcoming Difficulties, and Striving Hard to Achieve the Annual Work Goals", requiring Jinrun to fully recognize the current severe and complex situation and accelerate the improvement of their sense of responsibility; We must work together to overcome difficulties and establish a sense of responsibility to contribute more to the group; We should attach importance to clearing debts and strengthen risk awareness for prevention and control; We should cherish the platform, avoid any trouble, increase our brand awareness of adding glory to Jiangsu Qi'an, and strive to make more contributions to the group's sustainable and resilient development. (Jinrun Branch)

The group company was awarded the title of "Shanghai Construction Industry Integrity Enterprise"

The group company was awarded the title of "Shanghai Construction Industry Integrity Enterprise"