Decision on commending advanced collectives and individuals in 2016

  Decision on commending advanced collectives and individuals in 2016

  On 2016, the company earnestly implement the annual work targets the two session of the five general meeting of shareholders ideas determine, firmly grasp the "spirit, to the general tone management work; insist on innovation driven strategy is not discouraged, insist to control the business risk is not loose, adhere to the installation of professional characteristics unswervingly continue to maintain the advantage in the petrochemical; the electrical and mechanical, medical investment, purification, construction installation of photovoltaic field in science and technology, innovation and excellence chuang'an use of BIM technology and outstanding achievements in the field of housing construction; continue to make a difference," 13th Five-Year "at the beginning of the year, operating results continue to keep rising trend, the emergence of a number of advanced collectives and individuals. In order to set up a typical example, recognize advanced, encourage morale and encourage morale, the company has been commended by the advanced collectives and individuals for the year 2016 by the research of the group company.

  Hope to have a recognition of collective and individual value honor and prudent and persistent efforts, all units and staff with advanced example, dedication, striving for the honor, the establishment of a new coordinate in the new year, in order to achieve the "kindland dream" new achievements, and make new contributions.

  CPC Jiangsu Kai an Construction Group Co., Ltd. Committee

  Jiangsu Kai an Construction Group Co., Ltd.

  Two years, 17 years, January 24th

  Attached: advanced collectives and individuals of the year

  I. outstanding contribution award of the year

  Group gold and photoelectric branch

  Two outstanding branch of the year

  Group gold and photoelectric branch, group Jin Shun Branch, group one branch, group fifteen branch, group Jinyu branch

  Three 、 excellent project department

  Group a branch of Zhangjiagang PPG project department, the two branch of Shanghai by the project department, the fifteen branch of Jiujiang Lake City photovoltaic project department, the six Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Jin Shun Branch Jinshi branch Suzhou project department, project department, Beauty Center Road branch project of Taizhou people's Hospital, Fujian branch of Shaowu gold and photovoltaic PV the project department, Jin Duo branch Kevin international school project department, Hong Kong Branch Biguiyuan Phoenix City Project Department, lush international engineering branch Xi'an Johnson project department

  Four, the annual excellent innovation team

  Midea branch of the United States road innovation design center, Jin Yu branch Jin Yu research and Technology Center

  Five, the annual outstanding Party branch

  Group is very company branch, Lexmark branch Party branch

  Six, man of the year

  Group gold and photoelectric branch head Chen Fei, group Shun Shun Branch Song Chunjue

  Seven excellent craftsmen of the year

  Group four branch, Lu Weihua, five branch, Wu Guoxiang, seven branch, Gong Hongwei, nine branch, Lu Hui, very company, Yang Weibing

  Eight, outstanding person of the year

  The group of eight branch fifteen branch of Wei Wei, Shi Yongzhang, Qi Weiping, Yu Jin Petrochemical Company branch high Xiangqing, Jin Shun Branch Shen Yan, Jin Weida branch Chen Libing, Lexmark branch, Gu Bao branch Yang Jianhui, Hengli Hong Kong Branch, Zhao Zhengkuan branch Yuan Zhong, lush international engineering design Tan BEM Ben Zhang Wei, the company in Suzhou area, the headquarters of the group Qin Kai

  Nine, Blue Award

  Master: Song Chunlin: disciple: Qian Yun Art (Group Jin Shun Branch)

  Master apprentice: Shi Pu: BDO; Shengrui (group of golden sun branch)

  Zhou Yunxin: disciple: Ni Jie (group headquarters finance department)

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