Circular on making safe production during the Spring Festival

  Circular on making safe production during the Spring Festival

  Regional companies, branch offices, project department:

  Recently, the national security situation is grim, serious accidents have occurred, the general secretary Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang made important instructions, required to take effective measures to curb the occurrence of major accidents, ensure the safety of people's life and property. The Spring Festival is approaching, conscientiously implement the spirit of all of the safety meetings, documents, and do a good job of production safety during the Spring Festival, effectively prevent various types of accidents, combined with our actual work, put forward the following requirements.

  First, strengthen security awareness, strengthen organizational leadership

  All units must firmly establish the "safety first, prevention, comprehensive treatment", adhere to the alarm bells ringing, unremittingly, overcome the blind optimism, lax mood, organizational strength of key projects, important parts of the key period of time to carry out inspections, to detect and eliminate security risks, effectively prevent the occurrence of safety accidents. Group company safety and quality department, the regional branch, the project department is mainly responsible for the people to strengthen organizational leadership, pay attention to the management of production safety work during the Spring Festival, the master project work overtime, duty, to ensure the effective communication of information.

  Two, to prevent cold wave freezing, strict construction safety management in winter

  At present, there are many projects are still under construction, all units should seriously organize the construction in winter, and effectively do the protective measures, and strengthen the construction of production safety inspection in winter, discover and eliminate hidden danger, ensure the production safety. To focus on the following aspects: one is the "antifreeze, anti-skid, anti fire, poisoning and other work as the focus of winter construction, earnestly formulate the corresponding security measures and carry out the knowledge and skills of production safety in winter construction of publicity and education, and effectively improve the workers' self awareness and safety skills two; according to the climate change, the reasonable arrangement of workers' time, in case of strong winds, fog, snow and other inclement weather should stop outdoor work, should promptly remove the water, rain and snow after the snow on the construction site, and take effective measures of antifreeze, anti-skid, can carry out normal construction; the three is to strengthen the management of workers living area to arrange the workers dormitory management, heating facilities, no open flame heating and pull to connect the appliance to prevent the occurrence of fire, poisoning and accident; Four is the strict implementation of hot work approval system, strict management of all kinds of flammable and explosive materials, and the rational allocation of fire fighting equipment effectively, prevent the occurrence of fire and explosion accidents; five is to tower crane, construction elevator maintenance and other large hoisting equipment and maintenance, strengthening of scaffolding, formwork supporting system, real-time control of deep foundation pit engineering risk sub project construction, prevent all kinds of accidents and major social impact accident.

  Three, strengthen supervision and inspection, carry out security investigation work before the holiday

  The company should focus on the characteristics of construction in winter, the Spring Festival holiday before the organization within the company, the project Department of the inspection and investigation work, to reach the standard, can not guarantee the safety of the project to resolutely stop construction, of accidents to people, timing, measures, given the responsibility earnestly rectification. The deep foundation pit, formwork, scaffolding, and large mechanical equipment, temporary electricity, fire safety, workers dormitory and site canteen as check points: one is to check the project winter construction plan is complete; two is to check whether the project carry out troubleshooting work, whether the registration filing and take effective prevention and rectification three is the emergency measures; check against natural disasters, accidents are prepared; four is to check the temporary use of electricity, fire facilities in compliance with the specification requirements.

  Four, improve emergency plans, improve emergency management level on duty

  In view of the possible snowstorm and strong cooling weather during the Spring Festival, all units should pay attention to the warning information of disastrous weather in a timely manner, so as to prevent natural disasters from causing safety accidents. To further improve the emergency plan, plan and enhance the pertinence and operability, good construction of emergency rescue teams and emergency material reserves, improve the emergency response mechanism, to ensure that in case of emergencies can timely and effective disposal. The company should pay more attention to the area of the construction project of Spring Festival overtime, organize inspection and supervision work, grasp the company and the project department personnel on duty on duty during the Spring Festival communication information, to maintain the flow of information by telephone, QQ, WeChat and other contacts. At the same time, it will inform the project Department of the Spring Festival duty list of the group headquarters for the Spring Festival overtime and on duty personnel to ensure that the accident information and other important information can be reported in a timely and accurate manner.

  Five, the implementation of the inspection system, do a good job before the resumption of work before the festival

  Each unit should be fully aware of the festival is the high incidence of accidents of production safety, production safety work of the festival to catch early, we carefully and realistically. Return to work after the holiday before the construction site of the various types of machinery and equipment, safety protection facilities, scaffolding and formwork supporting system, the construction of power facilities, fire safety facilities to conduct a comprehensive inspection, safety inspection found, according to the "three" principle for rectification and form a closed loop. Special efforts should be made to strengthen the safety education and training of employees before returning to work. First, earnestly implement the three level safety education, and stress the safety precautions after work, so as to improve staff's sense of security and prevention. Two is to strengthen safety technical disclosure and pre class safety education training, strengthen staff safety operation skills and

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