New year's Day message

  New year's Day message
- Yin Weidong
Colleagues and friends:
Jirang and praise the start of spring dance. In this happy occasion, I would like to provide our staff to extend New Year greetings and blessings, to express my sincere thanks and best wishes to care for and support the development of security as in the past and at all levels of leadership and social friends from all walks of life and various business units!
Over the past year, "13th Five-Year" is the first year of planning. Although we face the complex situation, to the two session of the five general meeting of shareholders for the guidance of the spirit, tough, solid work, and achieved good results to maintain a healthy start, to the rising trend of economic indicators is bucked the trend, with the wisdom and hard work to achieve a "good start" in 13th Five-Year, made a lot of pioneering achievements, compose a new chapter of the dream journey.
This year, the group brand image, continue to do pretty blooming City, reflect the social good. For the 7 consecutive year, the top 100 enterprises of the construction industry in Jiangsu province had been selected as the first electromechanical installation, becoming the only enterprise in the province to keep the record of "seven consecutive championships". For the first time among the competitiveness of national construction industry 200 companies, ranked 188, achieved by the "growth" to "competition" 100 enterprises gorgeous butterfly. Kindland trademark by Jiangsu province famous trademarks, the company also won the first Qidong city mayor quality award, Qidong has received the "gold enterprise" and "Qidong city building top ten enterprises", Nantong city construction industry competitiveness of the top 30 enterprises in Jiangsu Province, the competitiveness of enterprises in Jiangsu Province, 100 installation industry best enterprises, national excellent the construction enterprise "," national credit AAA enterprise "and a series of honorary titles. Jiangsu Kai an brand renowned both inside and outside the industry, corporate reputation, influence continued to enlarge.
This year, the company's operating performance bucked the trend, high strength, a record high. Both the mechanical and electrical installation, petrochemical engineering, medical or cleaning, foreign investment projects, he always maintain professional qualities, the main bright scene, the performance of photovoltaic power station construction is outstanding, the annual total output value of more than 7 billion, the company operating the new brilliant writing.
This year, companies create achievements, enhance the strength, a record. Tianjin Caterpillar, international city four, Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University, Nantong, the Yangtze River International Chemtura new material tank expansion project and a number of boutique project won the national quality awards and local architectural awards, a number of methods, patent, new technology, science and technology, the BIM design industry awards.
This year, the group's basic management continued to strengthen, enhance service. Whether the company quality maintenance, construction division level counseling, or replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) "training, legal publicity; whether it is learning BIM software training, management personnel, performance excellence management seminars, or the new company guidance, the information technology research in management work conference spirit implement, group management has been strengthened.
This year, the enterprise culture is colorful, wonderful team spirit to further unite the salutary influence of education. Party building navigation right, cultural construction fruitful, Party vanguard and exemplary role effectively, set up in Qidong's first mobile party United Party; enterprise music when the social responsibility, whether teaching award fund, or "Qidong good election, both boxing and basketball events held successfully, or sushang person of the year. Whether it is corporate newspapers, websites, public opinion, or WeChat group, QQ group exchange, news highlights, timely and wonderful, in the industry to take the lead in the introduction of mobile version of the newspaper. In short, this year, enterprises and team spirit has been new publicity, and entered a new realm.
The timing change, new chapter. Results come from hard work, dreams push ahead, struggle and win the future. 2017 is a year of great significance in the development of the party and the state. Under the guidance of the new concept, new thought and new strategy of the Party Central Committee governing the country, we should not forget the initial view and the insufficiency. Adhere to the overall tone while maintaining stability, to seek change, to accelerate the transformation, adhere to innovation, strive to achieve the sustainable development of enterprises.
Finally, I wish all the staff a happy new year, work and family happiness!

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