Circular on carrying out the prize collecting activities of "I offer a plan for innovation drive"

  Circular on carrying out the prize collecting activities of "I offer a plan for innovation drive"
Party organizations of various regional companies and branches:
To implement the group's two five shareholders' meeting spirit, and actively implement the innovation driven development strategy, and promote enterprise transformation and upgrading. According to the group's early work plan, decided to carry out my driving innovation and offered a "solicitation activities, the convergence of positive energy development dare to bear responsibility, in order to better prepare the group company" 13th Five-Year "development plan. The relevant requirements are hereby notified as follows:
I. requirements for collection
1, clear meaning, and actively mobilize. To carry out my driving innovation and offered a plan ", aims to play all the staff ability and cleverness, embodies the sense of ownership, to better prepare the group" 13th Five-Year "development plan. All units should actively publicize, mobilize widely, seriously organize and pool their opinions, and strive to expand the participation of recruitment and give full play to the participants' initiative. Regional companies, branch heads should take the lead in learning, in-depth thinking, put forward "golden idea."".
2, stress the key point and stress the combination. Collect content should pay attention to pragmatic, highlight the key points. We need to focus on the "13th Five-Year" development planning guidelines and the expected targets of the five aspects of the planning and the main content, to actively offer advice and suggestions, put forward to good. Last November, the group company has launched the "13th Five-Year" planning issued a special document No. [2015]45, brainstorming when learning, focusing on the theme of reference. Collection activities should pay attention to combination, informal. To pay attention to and business activities of the units, special inspection and management action, project management, training seminars and other activities combined, and carry out "to share achievements, the rich and the source of theme educational activities combined, combined with the study and implementation of the two session of the five general meeting of shareholders spirit.
3, reasonable and feasible, pay attention to quality. The offering of a meter, he must pay attention to the "13th Five-Year" development overall situation, from the unit development of practical considerations, reflect the proposed constructive, specific and operational strategies and reference value, avoid vague and similar contents; offer a plan, must be reasonable and feasible, can be the direction of operation, macro the development strategy is also one aspect of the improvement measures, more in the way. In conclusion, the innovation of the proposed drive, the content is not limited, as long as beneficial to the group, will help the company improve the management quality and transformation, is conducive to innovation and development of kindland, can be regarded as brainstorming, but must pay attention to quality.
4, serious organization, unified summary. In order to improve the effectiveness of the prize collecting activities, this activity is led by the Party committee of the group company, and organized and implemented by the group trade union, the Youth League Committee and the group office. The proposed innovations are expressed in the form of an electronic document, and the registration forms are filled out in a unified manner, and the subject words are presented. The specific content, words and characters are not limited. Pay attention to the name and contact information of the unit and the reference person. All the plans will be submitted to the regional company by each branch company, and then collected by the regional companies and then submitted to the office for collecting Awards (group company office).
5, the collection time: 2016 3 - April April 30th deadline.
Two, incentives
At the end of the collection activities, the group company organized the relevant personnel to "I offer a plan for innovation drive" to appraise and reward. Among them:
1, Participation Award: 100 yuan each.
2, golden idea prize 10: first prize 2, reward 1000 yuan; two prize 3, reward 500 yuan; three prize 5, reward 300 yuan.
3, copy other people or this recommendation collection irrelevant content, cancel the reward.
CPC Jiangsu Kai an Construction Group Co., Ltd. Committee

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