Comprehensive inspection notice in the first half of 2016

  Comprehensive inspection notice in the first half of 2016
Regional companies, branch offices (Project Department):
In order to carry out the company quality safety management policy, further implement the Ministry of housing two years special operations requirements, strengthen management, strengthen supervision and rectification implementation, real-time grasp the regional branch (Project Department) the safety and quality of market management. According to the company at the beginning of shareholders' meeting spirit and annual work plans, decided since May 25th, in the first half of the year, quality safety, technology, market behavior inspection, relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:
I. inspection team personnel
Leader: Lu Fei
Deputy head: Wu Donghui
Zhang Yue, Gu Yong, Shen Jiansheng
Two, check the content
1, project safety, quality, technical excellence, security objectives and specific plans for deployment and implementation;
2, the project department rules and regulations to establish, implement and implement the situation;
3, project managers to configure compliance, to perform their duties;
4, project technology innovation, four new technology, ten new technologies, green construction technology applications.
5, the project construction organization design and special program targeted, compliance;
6, engineering data synchronization, integrity, compliance; special equipment (pressure piping) notification, inspection procedures;
7, engineering physical perception and measured quality;
8, the project site VI set compliance, safety and civilized construction management, equipment management;
9, labor services, materials, equipment supply and other related parties contracts, wages paid, the compliance of funds transactions;
10 、 daily supervision and effectiveness evaluation of regional company (Project Department).
Three, inspection basis
1, the current national standard and professional GB50300, JGJ59 code for acceptance of construction quality, the Ministry of housing and the provincial housing department about two years management action plan documents, company safety, quality, market conduct comprehensive inspection tables.
2, check the score according to the evaluation results, according to excellent (100-90); good (89.9-80), (79.9-70), (69.9-60) rank checked project, ranking results will be through the company's newspapers, websites and file form to be published and linked to the year-end assessment.
Four, check arrangements
1, from the regional group existing in the construction project from a certain scale and representative projects, branch two times in a row is not included in the examination of the project, a branch of ranking last year after inspection and assessment in the project (project). Check the schedule of the items and schedules. If the time is changed, the inspection team will inform the regional company and branch office ahead of time.
2, the regional companies promptly notify the relevant branch (Project Department), and in accordance with the requirements of the group company to do the preparatory work before the inspection.
3, inspection team contact: Zhang Yue, Tel: 18910753801, mail:
Five, check procedures
1, listen to the regional branches (Project Department) the daily management initiatives, technology innovation, excellence security summary report, focus on quality, safety management, self rectification effect, according to the special requirements of corporate governance report.
2, listen to the project department on-site report, report the use of PPT mode, need to focus on, time control in 15 minutes. Contents include:
(1) general situation of the project;
(2) engineering difficulties, characteristics and targeted technical solutions;
(3) the goal of project management and implementation of security planning excellence;
(4) application of new technology and innovation of technology and process;
(5) engineering quality management measures, HSE management measures and process control, green construction management;
(6) management of engineering data;
(7) the effect of the project and the present award;
(8) project market behavior: including project department personnel to witness one, subcontracting, personnel to perform their duties duty, contract payments, management of labor resources, labor subcontracting, customer satisfaction etc..
3, on-site inspection of the actual quality of the project and the actual situation of HSE.
4, engineering quality, HSE management data inspection.
5, the project market conduct inspection: including project personnel performance, subcontracting management, labor management, contract management, cash payment and so on.
6, the inspection team to the inspection of the project summary, itemized points, exchange of rectification and improvement projects and the project department, issued a rectification list, and the host branch, the regional company confirmation, follow up.
Six, inspection requirements
1, the regional company and project department in accordance with the content of the inspection and inspection procedures arranged by the relevant personnel, ready to check materials and inspection equipment required to cooperate with the inspection.
2, during the inspection should be normal construction, should not stop for inspection.
3, inspection reception to simple, as far as possible arranged in staff canteen dining. Do not drink at noon, and during the period of inspection, you should not accept gifts or red packets from the units under inspection. Please ask the units to abide by them.
Seven. Check the plan arrangement
See the schedule for the items and schedules.
Jiangsu Kai an Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Two, 0, 16, May 20th

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