Notice on summing up the work done in 2015

  Notice on summing up the work done in 2015
Regional companies, branch offices, group headquarters, Department rooms:
In 2015, the units work closely around the objectives and development idea to determine the group at the beginning of the year, and actively respond to the new norm, the performance of the company to maintain steady, bucked the trend. To review the work of the 2015 system, conscientiously sum up experiences, existing problems in the process of crack development, the full deployment of the 2016 annual work plans and measures, we will be notified of the relevant matters in 2015 summing up the work of the following:
I. summarizing the outline
The indicators issued 1 and the control group at the beginning of the year, serious and comprehensive summary of the work in 2015, to find out the shortcomings and problems at the same time to summarize the results, a careful analysis of the causes, combined with the overall planning and development in 13th Five-Year, put forward 2016 business objectives, objectives and specific measures.
In 2, under the new economic norm, how to adhere to the "Dos and don'ts" business strategy, to tackle tough, play advantage, seize the market, undertake the project experience.
3, actively innovate management model, and promote standardization, standardization, fine management, improve the project management level of the main measures.
4, enhance kindland brand image, create excellence, main initiatives in green construction, the construction of civilization, science and technology innovation etc..
5, strengthen two years of quality management, and promote the construction of basic work, in training, evidence collection, talent training, division with, informatization, enterprise culture construction, new technology application, industrial modernization work highlights.
6, in advance of regional management, how to strengthen self construction, contract management, team management (including labor management), technological innovation, positive branch, the Contractor's financial management and mobilize the region to expand regional scale practice work and highlights.
7, find the main problems and difficulties in development, and analyze the subjective and objective causes of the problem. Especially in the area of company management, project planning, process monitoring, tracking, directional financial payment, all kinds of contract management, contract team daily supervision and how to deal with emergencies, to resolve possible adverse records, to conscientiously sum up.
8, make suggestions. According to the industry situation and the region, the actual situation of the unit, characteristics, and combined with the formulation of the group in 13th Five-Year planning, reasonable suggestions for the problems with the overall situation and actively put forward direction.
Two, related requirements
1, the headquarters functional departments and regional companies and branches should attach great importance to the ideological work of summing up the year, scientific carding, comprehensive summary, and form written materials. The main person responsible for the unit to seriously review, careful reflection, to summarize the content of both comprehensive and objective reality, reflect the scientific unit annual characteristics, highlights the work, be focused, to seize the key, data analyzing, conclusive; there is a problem to reflect on the reasons, put forward concrete solutions and ideas. Summary should not copy, sing the same old song make only superficial changes, pick, do things carelessly.
2, in the course of summing up the work, we should pay attention to investigation and study, and listen to opinions extensively. Not only should we go deep into the project, listen to the grassroots opinions, but also take the initiative to understand the local industry authorities, supervision departments, owners and other aspects of our criticism and suggestions.
3, the functional departments of the group company should check the annual assessment standards of the branch company, and do a good job of sorting out the relevant data and materials. The company also co Statistics chief engineer office, engineering department to do the above the provincial quality engineering, civil construction site, QC achievement award, honor the patent method, summary of the work and the related certificate scanned, photos and other information collecting and reporting Engineering Group Company office.
4, each branch of the written summary in the form of electronic documents in January 5, 2016 before the local company, the regional collection together with this area in January 10, 2016 before the summary report to the group company office. No branch of regional jurisdiction and the headquarters of the group and each function department summary in January 10, 2016 before the company office.
Jiangsu Kai an Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Two, 0, 15, December 16th

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