About joint recognition of all kinds of advanced decisions in 2014

  About joint recognition of all kinds of advanced decisions in 2014
In 2014, the company earnestly implemented the annual work target of the general meeting of shareholders at the beginning of the year, and took the initiative, high positioning, carrying forward, the enterprise economy continues to maintain contrarian rise, and other achievements were remarkable. In order to set up a typical, advanced, encouraging morale and inspiring morale, we commend and commend the following excellent teams and individuals.
Group annual outstanding branch
Group Kim Yu branch, Jin Weida branch, very company, Jin Shun Branch, three branch.
Group annual outstanding project department
The 16 project group Hubei Branch China Xiangyang International Trade City installation project ministry and the Ministry for outstanding project department (the list no longer 11 announced).
Group's annual business pioneer
Group Chairman Gu Chunlei, chairman of group gold and photoelectric branch of Chen Fei.
Group's excellent builder of the year
Chen Lei, Wei Ta Group Gold branch Sanli branch Fan Gang, Jin Shun Branch Gong Renfei, Zhou Shengfei Jin Hengyuan, the five branch branch Chen jian,
Group annual outstanding project manager
Group Shanghai company Jinhui, is Zhang Ronglei, Cai Nibing, Nanjing Petrochemical Company Ltd. Wei Xingxian, golden sun branch Pu bdo.
Group annual excellent security officer
A group of three branch branch Wu Huadong, Liu Hongbing, Shi Guohua, Jin Duo, Hengli branch branch Liu Hua.
Group annual quality excellence
The group of four branch, the nine branch of Linquan Lu Hui, Lexmark branch can gu.
Outstanding member of branch group
Group eight branch, Yuan Weixing, Jin Weida branch, Ma Weihong, Kim Yu branch, Ren Lihua, Mei Tao branch, Chen Hui, Qian Xiaoli design institute.
Annual advanced Party branch of the group
The group is a branch of the company, the Party branch of Jin Yu branch, the Party branch of Jin Shun Branch, and the Party branch of Lexmark branch.
I hope by the recognition of the team and individual arrogance and persistent efforts, create a new coordinate in the new year, for the implementation of the new "kindland dream" new achievements, and make new contributions.
CPC Jiangsu Kai an Construction Group Co., Ltd. Committee
Jiangsu Kai an Construction Group Co., Ltd.
Two years, 15 years, February 15th

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