Group Design Institute, BIM software operation training

  Group Design Institute, BIM software operation training
In order to improve the design of the BIM design, familiar with BIM design software skills, on January 13th - 17, Boehm Group Design Institute held BIM software training conference in the 13 floor office, hired two teachers in Beijing Hualian data limited home teaching. Group BIM Design Institute, all designers participated in the training.
Deputy general manager, group Boehm Design Institute responsible Song Hongliang made a mobilization speech, I hope all the trainees through the training, can skilled use of buildings, structures, electrical and other series of BIM software, master the operating skills of Revit and 5 Magicad software, you can quickly create, and establish model library and other related processes independent operation, complete the relevant design work, achieve the purpose of training. (Chen Hua)

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