Mechanical and electrical installation, construction industry, BIM application

  Mechanical and electrical installation, construction industry, BIM application
In the field of mechanical and electrical installation construction, the application of BIM technology mainly reflected in the following aspects: (1) collision check (2) (3) the comprehensive design of the pipeline system balance checking (4) preform processing (5) Engineering Statistics (6) construction simulation and schedule control. The application of the above six aspects, is the electrical installation construction industry applications in different levels, the actual application process, can be combined with the project, the employer's requirements, the construction period, arrange the application content at different levels.
Collision detection
The design of a good design institute is well thought out, but there are still some omissions. Errors and omissions between different specialties and systems will seriously affect the design and cost of the construction. Under normal circumstances, construction designers will design pipelines before construction and solve a large number of pipeline collision problems. The two-dimensional drawings which cannot reflect the individual, all the system may be due to the collision between the discrete behavior; two-dimensional design of unpredictability, will also enable the design of personnel oversight off some of the problem of collision pipeline, so we can be in the pipeline comprehensive balance design, collision detection of pipeline by visualization function of BIM the collision point as soon as possible, will feedback to the design staff to provide reference information for solving practical problems, try to reduce the field of pipeline collision and rework phenomenon in the first time, the most practical way of lowering the efficiency, the low-carbon construction concept. Now the deepening of the design and construction plans, it is in the model test after the adoption of the model to guide the construction drawings, so that the construction of all aspects of the collision will not be any problem.
Two 、 comprehensive design of pipeline
Mechanical and electrical installation construction industry in the actual construction process, how to real-time and civil engineering and decoration professional coordination, reasonable use of installation space, has been troubled industry is a difficult point. By using BIM technology based on the professional software, mechanical and electrical installation construction industry can start in the stage of project, to deepen the design of mechatronics, combined with the actual situation of the layout of pipelines, the rational use of space, solve the pipeline collision, meet the requirements of national standard in the integrated process, meet the system requirements, try to avoid unnecessary fittings, reducing system resistance, consider setting aside sufficient maintenance space, consider purchasing and production actual fittings, consider the hanger production and installation.
Three, system balance check
As owners, the concern is not how the pipeline layout, but concerned about the use of the effect can meet the design standards, and this is related to how the system installed after the completion of debugging? Can the product parameters chosen by the original design meet the requirements? Therefore, the electrical installation construction industry if the mechanical and electrical design obtained by 3D BIM model, can better answer to the owners of these problems, the BIM model is a true virtual reaction in the computer system, piping, equipment and parts contain complete information, with such a virtual model, can carry out the system check the data: whether the parameter checking the original design of the selected device to meet the application requirements; the most unfavorable loop check valve opening calculation system.
Four, prefabricated parts processing
Deepen the design of BIM model obtained by three-dimensional Electromechanical, it can be used several times and repeatedly modified, all the parts model of Mechatronics description is accurate, so we can use the model to make the prefabrication, improve work efficiency, convenient maintenance, after the owners, which play the role of information sharing of data.
Five, Engineering Statistics
The installation of mechanical and electrical industry, in addition to all kinds of pipe, electrical and mechanical equipment and piping components and a large number of professional mechanical and electrical, using three-dimensional design software to build BIM model to deepen, all kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment and piping components are derived from real products database, therefore, through the BIM model of engineering project information statistics, changes in the cost of the owner and construction management staff can change due to the rapid and accurate assessment, avoid artificial errors and disputes statistics.
Six 、 construction simulation and schedule control
The four-dimensional simulation can be realized by combining the BIM model with the architectural information. Through the interface, it can not only reflect the order of construction, so that the construction of coordination between the general contractor and the specialized construction becomes clear; and through the combination of four construction simulation and construction scheme, can make the equipment material entry, labor allocation, mechanical typesetting work arrangement has become the most effective and economical. The equipment hoisting scheme and some important construction steps can now be clearly demonstrated by the four-dimensional simulation method to the owners and the approval authorities. The quality and progress of construction control, BIM also has its unique charm, in the construction process, BIM will also be combined with digital devices, realize the monitoring mode of digital, more effective management of the construction site, construction quality control, this model makes the site management personnel do not spend a lot of time for on-site inspection monitoring but, make more attention to the actual situation of the advance pre control and the important parts of key products, strict and other preparatory work. This not only improves work efficiency, reduces the number of managers, but also helps managers to detect and prevent quality problems as early as possible. At the same time, the remote management of engineering projects is possible, and the participants of the project can understand the actual situation at the first time. (Xu Mei)

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