The company won the two prize in the "new cup" contest in BIM application

  The company won the two prize in the "new cup" contest in BIM application
The afternoon of April 16th, "on mechanical and electrical installation BIM application 2 times" seminar cum second session of the "new" Cup awards ceremony in Shanghai held a grand hall Holiday Inn near the Great Wall. Shanghai City installation industry association secretary general Zhang Hai, the second new cup BIM contest group leader Chen Xianglin, Shanghai Installation Industry Association chief expert BIM Yu Xiaoming and other leaders and more than 100 participating units attended the meeting.
Boehm group design company participating in the project of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region people's hospital work to obtain the "Shenxin Cup" civilian based class two award, this is my company has participated in the BIM design competition and a winner.
Relevant leaders hope that all units in depth application of BIM technology, open electromechanical BIM2.0 era, walking in the forefront of the industry. Beim design company won a learning exercise opportunity by participating in the future, our attention is not only the model is more data in the future, electromechanical volume, cost analysis, schedule simulation and other links for more in-depth application, promote the progress of BIM technology and innovation, to add luster to the development of kindland construction. (Qian Xiaoli)

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