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All things stand up, and they are not to be abandoned. Everything starts with good planning and good results. Planning is a strategy, plan, plan or plan. It is a systematic, careful and scientific prediction of the future of the future by following certain methods or rules on the basis of fully investigating various related resources and related environment in order to achieve certain goals. The formulation of a scientific and feasible implementation plan is often used in modern life to describe a plan to do one thing.
For our construction enterprises, we need comprehensive pre planning for quality and efficient completion of a project. For a specific project, there are planning before winning the bid and planning after winning the bid. Before winning the bid, the main purpose is to win the bid, mostly for the leadership of the branch.
After winning the bid, it is to make full consideration of the owner's needs and find out the existing resource advantages of the group company, the branch company or the direct project department, and grasp the project scale, the project characteristics, the technical difficulty and the related social resources, and determine the various objectives, including the safety target, the quality target, the construction time target, and the cost. Objectives, technological innovation, etc., to formulate specific implementation plan is our usual sense of project planning. The implementation plan is specific and detailed planning for the completion of the objectives, including the resource allocation of the organization, the personnel machine, and the detailed implementation steps. Project planning is not a person's affairs, but the project manager and project manager should be the principal, and the project management team and the technical backbone should be organized together. If necessary, the technical personnel of the group can be applied to assist in the planning. Here, I will briefly introduce some main contents of project planning.
1. Project planning requirements
Project planning usually meets the following requirements:
1, the early planning as an important part of the construction preparation, on the basis of a comprehensive understanding of the project, to ensure the quality and feasibility of the planning. The planning documents should make strategic arrangements for the project construction technology, various resources, management, finance, safety, quality and other management work, avoid all kinds of foreseeable risks and avoid major mistakes in project management.
2, the planning documents should also clarify the objectives of the project, such as quality, safety, time limit, cost, technological innovation, etc., fully meet the requirements of the owners, and comply with relevant laws, regulations, norms and related requirements of the group.
3. To determine the key process of the project, the applicable construction technology, the standard of quality acceptance and so on. It is necessary to compile the level, depth and time node of the technical documents, the necessary resources for the management personnel, labor, equipment, turnover materials and engineering materials.
4, determine the important activities that need to be carried out in the construction.
Some of the above contents can be outlined in the planning documents, and the following documents are supplemented by the construction design and construction plan, but the plan for the preparation of the follow-up supplementary documents must be made clear.
Two. The content of project planning
1. The general situation of the project and the basis for its compilation: basic outline, surrounding environment, characteristics, key points and difficulties of the project;
2, the contract and the market analysis, determine the strategic positioning: through the analysis of the main advantages and disadvantages of the contract, the allocation of resources market and the future market prospects, to determine the overall idea of the project management, to grasp the strategic positioning of the project, is the long-term benefit or the maximum benefit of one time;
3, work plan and work plan: from the overall situation of the project, determine the plans, objectives and important nodes for each job deployment and work.
4, implementation plan: identify key construction processes, management methods or means, clarify key points and difficulties, and put forward detailed measures. Other general construction processes can be arranged progressively in the construction organization design and special plans as the project progresses.
5, progress target plan: make strategic deployment for the construction process, establish key construction routes and nodes to ensure the realization of the total construction period goals.
6, quality management objective plan: determine project quality objectives, propose targeted quality management measures, management tools and methods.
7, the goal of safe and civilized environment management;
8, project cost management plan: mainly refers to the prediction and analysis of target cost;
9, risk management plan: project risk identification (natural risk, economic risk, technical risk, social risk, contract risk, etc.).
10. Construction information plan: according to the content of the project, the content and format of the construction data should be determined in the plan.
11, project completion and settlement plan: the settlement data should be planned in advance, synchronized in the construction process, as much as possible in the process of digestion, the project can be submitted as soon as possible after the completion of the project; timely settlement;
12, scientific and technological innovation: according to the characteristics of the project, the difficulty of the project, the application of new technology and new material, and so on, the technical problems are determined in advance. In the construction, the collection and arrangement of the data are strengthened, including the image data, so that the scientific and technological achievements can be declared as soon as possible in the later period, such as patent, science and technology award, industrial law, QC Achievements, paper monographs and so on.
Three, the formulation of the key objectives of project planning
1, safety targets and green construction demonstration projects are municipal, provincial or national AAA level.
2, the quality target is the city's quality, provincial quality, or national level, such as the Luban prize, the National Excellent Award, the star installed in China, etc.
3. The goal of the construction period, whether or not the owner's contract is in the period of time

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