Safety management is the cornerstone of enterprise development

Safety management is the cornerstone of enterprise development. Here, we elaborate on the importance of safety management from the following three aspects.
1. Legal aspects
In December 1, 2014, the new "safety production law" was formally implemented. The new law clearly stipulates: "strengthen the main responsibility of the production and operation units, and establish the mechanism of the responsibility of the production and operation units, the participation of the workers, the government supervision, the self-discipline of the industry, the supervision of the society." Once a large production safety accident occurs, the enterprise will suspend production and rectification, and the safety production license will be revoked and closed. If a crime involving major production accidents is involved, the criminal responsibility of the principal responsible person and the responsible person shall be investigated.
Two. Economic benefits
The safety production law stipulates that production safety accidents shall be punished in accordance with the corresponding compensation liability in accordance with the law. A fine of less than 200 thousand yuan and more than 500 thousand yuan for a general accident; a fine of more than 500 thousand yuan and more than 1 million yuan for a major accident; a fine of less than 1 million yuan and more than 5 million yuan for a major accident; a fine of more than 5 million yuan and more than 10 million yuan, and the circumstances are particularly serious. A fine of more than 10 million yuan or less than 20 million yuan.
Three. Enterprise management
1. safety management implementation. To grasp the safety management of enterprises is the precondition of ensuring the safe production of the enterprises. Only by moving forward the safety pass, moving down the security work and making the safety management fine and realistic, can we form the stability and continuous operation of the safety in the enterprise.
2. the implementation of the security system. In the work of safety production, not only should the system of safety production work be formulated, but also the guarantee measures to ensure the implementation and implementation of these safety production systems should be formulated. Security managers at all levels through efficient implementation of the system, the formation of effective closed management and accountability mechanism to improve the ability to continue to improve the performance of safety work, and to receive due effect.
3. the construction of safety culture. People oriented, ensuring human safety and health is the basic principle that all production activities must adhere to, and is also the soul of safety culture. We should strengthen the construction of safety culture with the emphasis on cultivating safety ideas, thinking, mentality, knowledge and skills, improving the safety quality of people and building a strong defense line to ensure safe production. (Zhang Yue)

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