Project safety production management "eight points of attention"

1. Establish a safe production management organization. The safety of production is in the management. The project department shall set up safety production management institutions according to regulations, and provide full-time safety production management personnel. We should establish a safety production leading group with the project manager as the leader, work out a safety production management system, establish a responsibility system for production safety, and implement them at all levels. Internalize the heart, solidify the system and externalize it in order to improve the safety consciousness and safety responsibility of the management personnel.
Two, work out the project safety management plan. The project construction production requirements are translated into activities with clear objectives, clear system and operational measures. Before the project starts, the project manager organizes the safety, technology, construction, procurement and other departments to analyze the possible risks that may exist in the construction process, put forward the reasonable and feasible requirements for safety production management, formulate safety technical measures, equip the necessary resources, determine the process control requirements, carry out and carry out the responsibility to the people, thus ensure The realization of the project safety goal.
Three, strengthen the technical foundation of safety education. More than 90% of all kinds of safety accidents are caused by staff's lack of safety knowledge and safety skills, violation of rules and regulations and operation procedures. Through safety education and training, the security technology is carried out before the operation, so that employees can grasp the potential risk factors and preventive measures in the process of production operation, enhance the employees' awareness of safety and emergency disposal, and standardize the personal safety behavior of the employees.
Four, adhere to the safety inspection hidden trouble. Safety inspection and hidden trouble detection are important ways to find unsafe and unsafe conditions. It is an important means to eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents, implement corrective measures, prevent accidents and improve labor conditions. In addition to the safety check of the safety personnel, the project manager should organize relevant personnel to conduct a weekly comprehensive safety check. The safety inspection and hidden trouble inspection of the project department should follow the principle of "check and change the separation": the safety hidden danger found by the safety officer in the inspection, the construction manager is responsible for rectification, and the security officer rechecks the completion of the hidden trouble rectification.
Five, attach great importance to the role of the leader of the class. The group is the most basic level of the enterprise safety production management system. The class leader is the direct conductor and organizer of the group production management. It is also the direct producer in the construction line. The goal of the safety management of the project is finally realized through the implementation of the class leader. Through the targeted training to improve the team leader's safety awareness and management ability, through the reward and punishment system supervisor to supervise the team leader to do a good job of safety before the homework, work in the safety supervision, after the work of the safety inspection.
Six, pay attention to the management of project safety data. The contents of the safety data should be true, accurate and complete. The safety data should reflect the situation of the safety production management in the construction site. It is the basis for the government supervision departments and enterprises to check and check the safety production in the construction site. Safety data will help to better summarize the experience of construction technology management, and provide technical basis for accurately predicting and preventing accidents. In accident handling, safety data can provide an important basis for analyzing the cause of an accident.
Seven, standardize the use of protective equipment for labor protection. As the last protection barrier of safety protection equipment, personal labor protection protective equipment can help employees to relieve and relieve injuries when they are in danger, including safety hats, safety shoes, safety belts, protective glasses, protective mask, dustproof masks, insulating gloves and so on. The project department should first create safety, hygiene, suitable working conditions and construction environment for employees, and at the same time, recognize the importance of personal protective equipment. To provide qualified personal protective equipment for employees, and to ensure proper use of staff through training and supervision.
Eight, strictly carry out the management of high position. High work ranks the top of the "five major injuries". The number of deaths caused by falling height in the whole country accounts for more than 50% of the total number of deaths. The project department should attach great importance to the safety management of high school operations, strictly implement the inspection and listing system of high altitude operating vehicles, operating platforms and scaffolding, so as to ensure the safety and protection facilities in the vicinity and the entrance of the cave in place, and the cross operation management measures are in place. At the same time, we can eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers and standardize the safety behaviors of employees. (Gu Yong)

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