Cause analysis and prevention measures for leakage around exterior windows

First, the phenomenon:
There are wet or watertight phenomena around aluminum alloy or plastic steel windows.
Two. Analysis of the causes:
1, the door and window frame mostly use the post plug method construction, that is, first keep the door, window hole and buried parts, and then start installing the door and window frame after the completion of the painting, but the size of the hole and the door and window frame is inaccurate, so that the size of the gap is large or small, the filling is not dense, and the water storage cavity is formed.
2, the water level of the side windows or windows of the doors and windows is not correct, and there is a phenomenon of inverted flooding.
3, door and window frame installation is not strong, loose phenomenon; use long foot screws through the profiles to form a leakage channel.
4. The aluminum alloy or the plastic steel window frame and the reserved hole are not filled and sealed with the flexible material. Under the influence of temperature deformation, the connection part will crack and cause the seepage channel.
5. The gap between the outside of the window frame and the window sill is not dense. After rain, the rain flows into the window.
6, the window glass and window frame at the junction of the adhesive tape is not strict, after rain, rain from the place into the window. 7, the window frame itself has no drainage hole, causing the water to pour backward; the window frame material leaks on its own material.
Three. Prevention and control measures:
1. Before the installation and fixing of the aluminum alloy or plastic steel window frame, the size of the retaining wall hole should be rechecked. The width of the gap between the outer frame and the wall should be determined according to the veneer material. When the general contractor is plastering inside and outside the wall, it should adhere to the sample route to ensure the coordination of the size of the masonry and the size of the door and window, and the distance between the plastering surface of the door and the door of the door and the door and the window frame is 8 to 15m M, avoid setting aside too small or too large to affect the foaming effect. If the gap between the frame and the wall is too small or too large, it should be adjusted.
2, the mouth of the window hole should be done with the olecranon or drip line (trough), in order to prevent the drip "urine wall", the olecranon or drip line (trough) can not be opened to the wall, should be cut off the wall from the wall 50mm, so that the dripping water does not flow into the window (on the balcony), and can not flow to the wall; when the ash is used outside the window, the waterproof treatment should be done; the windowsill should do not small At 5% flow slope.
3, the window frame should be fixed by galvanized steel sheet. The thickness of galvanized iron sheet is not less than 1.5mm, the spacing between fixed points: 180mm at the corner, and not more than 500mm at the edge of the frame. It is strictly prohibited to use expansion screws to directly pierce profiles to avoid leakage due to tight sealing of installation holes.
4, the dust should be cleaned before the frame and the wall should be cleaned; the foaming agent should be continuously beaten, once formed, filled with full filling, and after taking out the window frame temporarily to fix the foamed agent. The foaming agent outside the door and window should be inserted into the gap before the hardening of the conjunctiva, or into the foaming agent more than half the thickness of the door and window frame, and the outside is used in prevention. Cement mortar is embedded.
5, outside the door and window frame should leave 5mm wide rubber grooves. When making glue, ensure that the base is clean and dry, and neutral silicone sealant should be used.
6, the side of the window glass should be treated with sealant to avoid leakage at the adhesive strip.
7. The window frame itself has no drainage holes, and can open several drainage holes at the extension of the window frame. (Chen Lei)

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