Quality inspection and test plan

The quality inspection test plan, namely, ITP, inspection & test plan), refers to the standardized arrangement of the overall and specific test activities, procedures and resources involved in quality inspection in written form. It is an important basis for guiding the quality work and an important component of the project quality plan.
For a specific construction project, the quality inspection test plan should be prepared in accordance with the actual work scope and content of the project, the requirements of the design documents and the standard of construction acceptance standards after the completion of the unit project, subdivision project, the inspection batch and the approval of the owner. The contents of inspection and test required include acceptance criteria, methods, participants, frequency of acceptance, record forms, etc.
A quality test plan which fits the actual situation of the project and has strong maneuverability can provide guidance for the quality activities during the construction process, effectively control the quality of the key processes and improve the overall quality management level of the project.
In order to promote the use of ITP, we take a virtual project as an example to simulate a construction project quality inspection test plan (ITP), which can be downloaded on the group OA platform - Knowledge Management - General Office Engineering Technology Department, for reference only (General Office).

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